Letters to the Editor 11-2-23

Sacramento silences ‘Voices’

Dear ER: 

I agree with Redondo Beach City Councilmember Nils Nehrenheim that California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s review of the ballot initiative from “Our Neighborhood Voices” (to return zoning control to local municipalities) misrepresents the facts (Local zoning vs. state rules,”, ER October 19, 2023). But let’s not miss the real motive here from the Attorney General and power brokers in Sacramento. Delay. They know they’ll likely lose if “Our Neighborhood Voices” is on the ballot in a presidential year, 2024, with a larger voter turnout. So, his analysis forces the “Our Neighborhood Voices” group to rewrite and push it to the 2026 ballot. Mission accomplished by AG Bonta! SB9 and SB10 are blatant power grabs by Sacramento and support big corporate real estate developers. Kudos to Mayor Bill Brand and Nehrenheim for standing up. This can be defeated.

Tim Charles

Redondo Beach


Get with the program

Dear ER:

After eight months of discussion, the Hermosa Beach City Council did away with the guest pass parking permit for property owners. The parking pass rules were changed by the Council with little or no input from the residents. The city received hundreds of emails, letters, phone calls, and in person complaints about the elimination of the guest parking permit. Just before 11 p.m., at the October 10 Hermosa Beach City Council Meeting, the Council finally decided to discuss the guest parking permit, but was unable to come to a consensus. It was evident the council needs a workshop on consensus building. It was also evident the Council had not done any homework or meaningful planning before the meeting. The city attorney needed to take charge, to help clarify the problems, get buy-in from council members, and identify the needs and concerns of the public. Finally he formulated a new motion acceptable to all of the council members. The result was there will be a guest pass assigned to property addresses at the same $50s as last year. On October 23, I went to City Hall to apply for my guest pass. I gave them my information with a check for $50 and was told by the clerk I would receive my guest pass in the mail in a few days. On October 26 I received a letter from the city stating I already had my parking permits for my license plate numbers, and am unable to get a guest pass for our address. The city appears unable to administer its parking program.

Tim Harrison

Hermosa Beach



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