Letters to the Editor 11-24-22

False branding

Dear ER:

Redondo Beach is anything but anti-growth. In fact, at 11,000 residents per square mile, we are one of the most densely populated cities on the California coast (“LA Times article releases Mayor Brand emails,” ER November 17, 2022). Long Beach is only 9,000 residents per square-mile, as one comparison. We have a wide variety of housing, including single, one-bedrooms, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, and multi-family housing.  And yes, what have some single-family neighborhoods that were recently rezoned by the State to allow at least 4-units per parcel. We even have a Section 8 program with subsidized Section 8 housing in our coastal zone. What other coastal community on the California coast has Section 8 housing? Plus, we have thousands of senior units all over Redondo Beach. Most importantly, we recently up-zoned our City to allow another 2,490 units, and received certification for our general plan housing element from the State Housing and Community Development Dept., as a result.  Less than 50 percent of the 197 cities in Southern California received housing element certification by the October 10 deadline.  And Redondo Beach has far exceeded the growth rates of surrounding cities over the last 20 years. Redondo Beach has done more than any other nearby city to address the housing shortage, by a long shot. So, the narrative that we are some racist, tony, exclusive coastal community is the myth that big developers, and other pro over-development forces push is just that, a myth. I’ve been fighting these forces for over 20 years, and this is not the first time they have resorted to personal attacks, because they can’t win on the facts.

Bill Brand


Redondo Beach


Surfer thanksgiving

Dear ER:

In the spirit of the time of year when we count our blessings and say our thanks, I wanted to write this as a letter of appreciation for the surfers who call Manhattan Beach Pier their home break. As many people know, taking up surfing a bit later in life is not an easy task. While I didn’t move here from NYC specifically to learn to surf (unfortunately), I was quickly inspired by the easy ocean access living in the South Bay affords, and began my surfing journey in short order. While I had a brief stint in El Porto, I quickly migrated to the seemingly less chaotic space in the shadow of the Pier. It was here that I began to recognize a closely knit group of surfers who call that shadow their home break. Their generosity, whether it be giving me the occasional tip or forgiving my drop-ins (made out of ignorance), not only helped me progress as a surfer, but also was instrumental in forming my outlook on the spirit of recreational surfing. More importantly, I believe that the casual, and often passive time spent with and around this community has positively influenced components of my life outside of the water while helping to develop my overall outlook on life. For that, I will be forever grateful. While the Pier will remain far past any of our expiration dates, what it symbolizes will always hold a spot in my heart, so I thought it was worth saying a thank you.

Sean Bright

Hermosa Beach


Park thanksgiving

Dear ER:

Tis the season for giving thanks, and I would like to give a big thank you to Wilson Park in Torrance. I have been coming to the park almost everyday with my twins since they were 5 months old, and they are now close to two. I began coming to the park when I joined a Fit4Mom Torrance group. We multitask like moms while in class, we strengthen our bodies while creating friendships, learning mom hacks, and keeping our kids entertained, while singing songs and blowing bubbles as we work out. Definitely recommend it to any moms out there. I’m fortunate enough to have such a wonderful dad who takes them off my hands for an hour a day, and he takes them around the park while I work out. My twins have been going to the amazing Zumba group at the park since before they could crawl. They now have such a love for music and dance, and it’s all because of Wilson Park Zumba. They have welcomed them with nothing but love, generosity and positivity. They even had a first birthday for them, and are now officially dubbed the “Zumba babies.” On Tuesdays and Saturdays after Zumba, we head to the Wilson Park farmers market. The markets vendors are amazing, and we always look forward to our local produce (and cakes). The morning is finished out at the playground or splash pad, depending on the season, where my soon to be two year old have nothing but fun with their fellow Wilson Park aficionados. Thank you Torrance and the friends of the park for allowing me to raise my children there in such an amazing way.

Brittany Esquivel



Paper unthanked

Dear ER:

Why has Easy Reader reporter Mark McDermott not been fired? He no longer has any credibility, nor does EasyReader. There are times when a retraction and apology isn’t remotely sufficient, and this is clearly one of those times. The one-sidedness of “Troubled Trifecta” was bad enough. But printing right before the election, with no time to address errors, and no attempt by a local paper to contact local people, when making negative, potentially libelous assertions? And then lo and behold, mistakes were made. Sorry, an apology isn’t sufficient for this level of journalistic malpractice. EasyReader used to produce some of the better local articles, not blind, rah rah support of every local leader. This will forever put a huge black stain on EasyReader. Step 1 to regaining any shred of credibility is serious soul searching, with serious staffing repercussions. In the meantime, thanks for adding to the toxic divisions in the community, just what we need.

TJ Judson

Manhattan Beach



Shill for the build

Dear ER:

It’s time for the Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) to stop shilling for PMB, the private commercial developer/owner/operator that leased our public owned and zoned land from BCHD.  PMB is a private commercial developer that stands to profit handsomely from the market-based $12,000 per month assisted living rents. BCHD has 0% ownership in the proposed development. In fact, BCHD will pay more each year in rent to PMB for shiny new space than PMB pays to taxpayers for 3 acres of Redondo Beach. PMB has a 65 to 95 year lease from BCHD, so that land is now lost to five generations of residents. BCHD started the environmental impact process claiming that it would be a co-owner. As time progressed, we learned that was never an option due to BCHDs financial position. Nonetheless, BCHD self-approved the environmental impact report and is now using its status as a public agency to shill for PMB and file for various project permits. BCHD is a public agency owned by taxpayers and a 0 percent owner of the for profit PMB project on our public land. BCHD’s attempt to permit a 107.5-feet tall and about 300,000 sq. ft. building would be tossed in the trash if it were filed with the City of Redondo Beach by CenterCal or AES Redondo commercial developers.  We cannot allow PMB, a private commercial developer, to gain permits that clearly violate the Redondo Beach Municipal Code because a 0 percent owner and shill called BCHD is the name on the application.BCHD needs to step aside and we the public deserve to pull back the curtains and see that BCHD’s Oz is just another commercial developer.

Mark Nelson

Redondo Beach


Too much funDear ER:

Kill at least one of the festivals (“Hermosa Chamber surveys businesses, residents about keeping Labor Day Weekend Fiesta,” ER November 17, 2022). Those of us who live in the “impact zone” have had enough of the nonsense. The visitors seem to think our yards are for their personal use. I’m extremely tired of removing over indulged Beer Garden participants from my front yard. Also fed up with being bombarded with non-stop “music” for three straight days emanating from the same Beer Garden.

Dennis Toomey

Hermosa Beach



Accessory press

Dear ER:

Redondo Beach Mayor Brand’s detractors have once again been defeated through the democratic process at the ballot box and in the court of public opinion ( L.A. Times article exposes Mayor Brand emails.” ER November 17, 2022) They are furious. Not surprising. What is surprising is that the “Press” gleefully jumped in to help them in this latest smear campaign

Barbara Epstein



Hot for Artesia 

Dear ER:

Thank you Richard Foss, always with the latest and greatest of dining in the South Bay (“Artesia heats up, Hermosa gets more Mexican, Cafe Pierre Brigadoon, wine events,” ER Nov. 17, 2024. You are appreciated

Stacianne Gabrielli

ERNews comment


Hot on the salsa

Dear ER:

How could you ignore the chili relleno (“El Tarasco goes upscale, but not too much?” ER November 10, 3022. It’s the best I have ever had. It’s the only dish I order. And much more space should have been devoted to El Tarasco’s salsa. Also the best

Mimi Toberman

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