Letters to the Editor 3-5-2020

Stage right

Dear ER:

It’s very hard for actors to get a true assessment of their skills (“Heard the rumor about Surf City Theater?” ER Feb. 27, 2020). Friends, family and cast mates want to be supportive so they give you positive feedback. Nobody ever says, “Well to be honest you suck at this and probably should not be an actor.” That’s why candid, unbiased reviews are so important. Thanks.

Jennifer Dellapina

ERNews comment

A clean apron

Dear ER: 

To watch the Reed family at City Council meetings. having to beg for restoration of their driveway apron is beyond sad (“Family Nixes Council’s Blue Curb Solution,” ER Feb. 20, 2020). City Attorney Mike Webb said he’s worried that to restore the Reed’s apron would violate state law because when they help their handicapped daughter Kelly from their car using the apron would be illegal. If I temporarily pull up on my driveway apron to drop off a loved one needing the benefit of the slope of the apron, I’m pretty sure a cop won’t be giving me a ticket. On my street right now there are eight cars parked on aprons. So it is okay to park in a driveway apron, but we don’t allow disabled people to use them. If this was the intent, lawyers versed in the Americans with Disabilities Act would have swarmed all over this part of the code and with good reason. The Reeds did not do any construction — their neighbors did. So, the part of the apron in front of the Reeds’ home, on their side of the property line, should have been left. And even if it doesn’t go to a garage, it’s permissible because the city code only requires new curb cuts to go to a garage.

The Reeds had an efficient system in place to help their disabled daughter in and out of their car, using their driveway apron. The city removed their apron when it should not have been removed. The city made a mistake and should do the right thing and put it back, before the Reeds go get a lawyer and sue the pants off the city for violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act for ripping out what was an established accommodation for them. There’s no need to wait three more months for city staff to do the homework they should have done before now, and where we’ll likely hear more ill-informed, cringe-inducing, mealy-mouthed excuses for the city’s bad behavior.

Lara Duke

Redondo Beach

Lock ‘em up

Dear ER:

A loophole in California law requires auto burglary victims prove their doors were locked. Lawmakers struggling with prison overcrowding and public pressure to enact criminal justice reform have been reluctant to do anything to put more people behind bars. Residents leave many expensive items in their cars, which invites felons into our neighborhoods. Although these car burglaries are considered victimless crimes, it may lead to more vicious crimes, such as home invasion. Who do we blame for the recent rash of car burglaries? Not the Manhattan Beach Police. Blame the California State Legislature for early release of felons and for not closing the loophole in auto burglary laws and aksi the residents who are rich, well-educated, professionals who carelessly leave expensive possessions in their cars.

Robert Bush 

Manhattan Beach 

8 Bells for Stephens Troeger

(“The Rescuer,” ER Feb. 27, 2020)

Dear ER:

A great tribute to a great friend, husband, father, and waterman. Some great stories here, but there were so many, many more, Steve lived a storied life. RIP brother, know you are going big in the great hereafter.

Mark Allan Montgomery

Dear ER

Troeger was an inspiration to all of us water people. Surfing, sailing, and dancing with his family at the Isthmus.

Kelly Suggs Rojers Dale

Dear ER:

Beautiful life. Beautiful story. Beautifully written. Hit me in the soul in so many ways,

having grown up on the sand in Hermosa and for five decades calling the Isthmus my second home

Robert Losey

Dear ER:

I am so very sorry to hear this news Steve was a friend of my husbands, Jim Laurin, and one of the crew on our boat, Seas the Day, when we took the boat to La Paz for a winter 

Kathy Avery Laurin

Dear ER:

What a great write up. I’m so glad Steve and Kathy got together and produced three beautiful children. What a comfort to have him alive in the girls, under the boat like a stingray. Those Baywatch guys are Avalon’s finest.

Kelli Kennedy

Dear ER:

I loved the guy and spent time with him through my mutual friend Mike Galloway. He was always fun and energetic and totally fearless. May we all be guided by his great outlook on life and live up to his great spirit.

Bill Menninger

Dear ER:

Great guy, great sense of humor. I’m glad I had many opportunities to laugh and joke with him during my years in Avalon.RIP my brother. Sleep with the sound of the waves.

Darin Gruber

Dear ER:

Thank you for the great memories of Troeger’s adventures. We will miss him and remember his smile and great laugh.

Bonnie Siemer

Dear ER: 

Such a good dude, Eight Bells amigo.

Ryan Lynch

Dear ER:

Amazing article on the coolest guy I’ve known. Miss you Uncle Steve.

Brooke Maura

Dear ER:

What a loss and what a gain for Heaven. We will miss you Trager.

Sam Edgerton

Dear ER:

Great memories, great guy, worked with him many times on calls. May he rest in peace. My love, thoughts and prayers to Kathy and the kids.

Jack Goslin II

Dear ER:

Super cool to have known Steve and to all of you…Condolences…Steve is riding big barrels in Heaven for sure.

Maxwell Rosenberg

Dear ER:

Great R&D. Well deserved tribute to one of the best Husband Father Lifeguard and Friend.

Billy Lafay

Dear ER:

What a great tribute. Steve was a good friend on Catalina and we remained good friends during all of my years here in the South Bay. What a warm and generous sole. Much love to Kathy and the Girls.

Bennett Talsky

Dear ER:

Steve was a classic in all the right categories. Much to be admired and plenty to be remembered. RIP my friend

Bob Blair

Dear ER:

Steve was a great guy and I am proud to have known him on Catalina Island. A Baywatch Legend.

Matt Saldana

Dear ER:

I sailed with the Troegers for years out of King Harbors in the Summer Twilight series, with John and Steve’s mother as well. We went on an overnight race to Paradise Cove cove and were first to the Cove on the Cal 40.

Tony Czuleger

Dear ER: 

The story on Steve Troeger was very touching and inspiring. Obviously a great guy who lived his life to the fullest, and through his professionalism and skills contributed to his fellow man. Thank you for publishing this. 

Pete Broussinos

Hermosa Beach


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