Letters to the Editor 5-7-2020

Mira Costa High runners Alex Firorito, Comac Carew, Colin Beale and Billy Atkinson practicing social distancing during the double rainbow that lit up South Bay beaches on Tuesday, March 17. Photo by Jeff Atkinson

A story for our 

time and place

“The Pandemic in the ICU,” 

ER April 30, 2020

Thank you for the in-depth portrayal of the ICU of Providence Little Company of Mary — the long days, the joys and grief we experience, the psychological and emotional challenges we face each and every day and the uncertainty of it all. Believe me, This is not a political hoax. It is a realtime crisis. As a Charge Nurse, I am so very proud of our incredible ICU staff – their dedication, perseverance, and unwavering support is beyond words. We are all in this together and together we will weather this pandemic storm. Sso thank you LCOM staff — Dr’s, ICU Intensivists, Nurses, PA’s, NP’s, PST’s, CNA’s, Pharmacists, Lab and X-ray techs, spiritual and palliative care, volunteers, dietary and our amazing leadership Team.We will defeat this.


Julie Wood Baker


This article is so informative, that everyone around the world should read it. I live in Australia and they have put the best plans into place to save as many lives as possible. Yes we have deaths. As of 2 May 2020 we have had 95 deaths. This is due to the Australian Government and State Premiers making rules to stay home, keep your distance, wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds. 2nd May was the first time they relaxed restrictions to let people out of their homes. Travel is restricted to 50 klms in Queensland. Other States have restrictions. also. You can have a friend or two visit but keep the distances in place. I am proud of all Australians for keeping our deaths so low compared to many countries around the world. Be safe and take care.


Julie Davies


A powerful story, beautifully written. One of the best pieces of reporting the Easy Reader has ever published.

David Hunt



Thank you for reminding all of us that this horrific disease is here in the South Bay. You did a wonderful job of telling the story of LCOM with compassion and truth.

Nancy Hersman


Manhattan Beach


My favorite section of the article was the section about Lindsey Burrell discovering her calling. What an empowering article.

Chris Venn



The Easy Reader does it again. This is by far the best and most important article the paper has ever produced.

Stewart Fournier


Excellent writing/storytelling! Pulitzer worthy, thanks EasyReader! Where do I subscribe?

John Nelson


During this time of plague, we locals are lucky to have Little Company of Mary close by. Thank you to everyone who works there. And may we all be delivered from this soon.

Ann Garten


This article should be required reading for everyone protesting being locked down. Covid-19 is like a tornado that you can’t see, hear, taste or feel. This virus can be airborne or surfaced contracted and carried by people without symptoms. Once an individual becomes infected it is extremely insipidus until it gets a grasp, then patients rapidly deteriorate. One of the secrets to controlling this bug starts outside hospital walls, trying to educate people on how dangerous this virus can be. I am gravely concerned that public/protest-driven political decisions to open up areas could possibly result in a catastrophic impact on our health care system and extreme loss of life. Having worked in critical care I have a genuine respect for physicians and nurses and can only imagine the tsunami they could possibly be facing. I pray for our Front Line Health Care providers. To the staff of LCOM, Thank You!

Andy Grieco



Thank you for a very detailed and well-written article. I know Ramon personally, and we are grateful for the expert care he received from the wonderful staff at Little Company of Mary Hospital.

Randy Leaf


Thank you for this article and spelling out what victims and healthcare workers are going through. It is unbelievable that an ignorant minority calls this a hoax, and just the flu. That kind of ignorance will perpetuate this pandemic. 65,000 dead Americans in three months and counting. That number will keep going up. If the ignorant have their way we’ll get many more dead Americans. No one has the liberty to infect others. No one is immune.

Paul Moses


911 call from HBPD

Dear ER:

Since becoming Hermosa Beach’s police chief April 16, I have been impressed with the kindness and commitment of this community. So many of you have shown compassion and concern for the health and safety of our police officers, and we greatly appreciate it. Several generous organizations and individuals have donated meals from local restaurants, masks and other personal protective equipment to the department to help with our response to COVID-19.

While our COVID-19 response is the top priority, the Police Department is also continuing to protect public safety. In recent weeks, officers conducting a routine traffic stop arrested two suspects who had several unopened packages, two bicycles, a cut bicycle lock, bolt cutters, a butterfly knife and open containers of alcoholic beverages. In another case, officers used technology to identify the vehicle driven by a burglar who stole $70,000 in appliances from a home under construction. They arrested the suspect, and secured a confession and the return of the appliances to the owner. Our police officers are doing their jobs — but they need your help. You may be staying home, but the criminals are not. They’re looking for opportunities to grab a package off the porch or a bicycle that’s left unattended – even if it’s just for a few seconds.

I challenge each of you to be proactive in making your homes more resistant to criminals. During this upcoming week take a moment to stand in front of your home, and ask yourself, what do I see that would be of interest to a thief? Then take the initiative to change something. Close your garage, lock your car, trim your hedges, replace a light bulb, put bicycles away or anything else that will repel criminals.  

Police Chief Paul LeBaron

Hermosa Beach

A welcome shutdown

Dear ER:

Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach have been working for many years to ensure the AES Redondo Beach power plant transitions to a more beneficial use. The 60-year-old power plant, across the street from where many of Hermosa Beach residents live, has had many negative effects on our environment, health, and quality of life. Currently, AES is required to close by the end of 2020. Meanwhile, a private party recently purchased the property with the aim of redevelopment. Redondo Beach has been working hard with the State and County to direct monies to this site to assist with redevelopment to maximize open space and public uses such as a park. But now, AES and the new owner are going to benefit financially if the plant operation is extended. There is nothing in the deal for Redondo or Hermosa except more pollution and noise.   

Hermosa and Redondo Beach have voted unanimously to oppose any extension, but we really need the public’s help. The sooner this plant is gone, the sooner the power lines and all the other impacts are gone.  

The California State Water Resources Control Board will be voting in July on whether or not to extend the retirement of this plant. Please send an email opposing any extension to commentletters@waterboards.ca.gov with the subject line: “Comment Letter – OTC Policy Amendment” by noon, May 11. 

Mayor Mary Campbell

Councilmember Stacey Armato

Hermosa Beach

Swim, mask

Dear ER:

As a long time beach user, ocean swimmer, physician, and on the far side of the ‘elderly’ definition, I believe the ocean can be opened safely, but only if people behave safely. The same infection prevention precautions should apply as on land. You can not have a pick up frisbee game, volleyball is out. As far as restrooms, add portable sinks, like they do at Pier to Pier swim and other events. When it opens, I’ll wear my face mask until going into the water. Get out, dry off, put on face mask and leave. The photos taken of Huntington Beach from the air show most people spread far apart. When you shoot a photo from the ground it is hard to tell if people are apart or not. Access can be controlled with temporary fencing. If people misbehave they can be asked to leave. The question is will people be smart about this and show respect.

Mickey Kolodny



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