Letters to the Editor 7-13-23

Poop fairies in the park 

Dear ER:

This is an open letter to all the inconsiderate dog owners. What is wrong with you? Why can’t you folks pick up after your dogs. I’m not referring to the little nugget in the ice plant where no one usually walks. I’m talking about in the middle of the sidewalk, and the top of a knoll in Noble Park. Do you not realize your dog has stopped walking, is squatting and leaving a pile of poop? Do you think there are Poop Fairies that come in behind you and take care of your mess? Did you think that was included in the price of your Poop-a-doodle? The city is kind enough to stock bag dispensers throughout the city. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to purchase your own. It does mean if you go out with two bags and use both, it’s likely you can find a dispenser close by to pick up that last poop. If you can’t take care of your pet, don’t have one. Do not foist your responsibilities onto the person who steps in your mess.

Name withheld by request

Hermosa Beach


High pressure front

Dear ER:

Since misdemeanor crimes are “quality of life” crimes, the filing and prosecution of misdemeanors is the foundation of law and order in our community (“Just the facts, ma’am,” ER Letters, July 6, 2023). As the saying goes, “You don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing.” As residents, we can see the gradual erosion of law and order with more and more misdemeanor crimes being committed with impunity. We all know it is going to get worse as time passes. The solution is simple. We desperately need a Manhattan Beach City Prosecutor who will file and prosecute misdemeanors. There are two ways to achieve this result. One, we can adopt a City Charter that provides for a City Prosecutor, as well providing local control of “municipal affairs.”  Two, we can challenge the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s withholding of his “consent” to Manhattan Beach’s request to hire a City Prosecutor.  The City Council can begin that challenge by directing their City Attorney to draft a letter to the DA setting forth the position that the DA’s consent is a ministerial action rather than a discretionary action. If such a letter doesn’t persuade the DA, then the City Council should direct the City Attorney to file a declaratory relief lawsuit.  In essence, the City would be asking a court to decide a disputed legal question regarding the DA’s “consent” authority being ministerial or discretionary. Such lawsuits are an inexpensive and effective tool to resolve disputed legal issues.  

Mark Burton

Manhattan Beach


Your number’s up

Dear ER:

I read with some bemusement the recent letter (“Just the facts, ma’am,” ER Letters July 6, 2023) regarding the matter of crime and public safety in Manhattan Beach in light of the shocking dual armed robberies within four hours of each other on The Strand by the same three suspects over Father’s Day weekend. Stewart Fournier’s contention is that “Manhattan Beach remains as safe as ever.” If Manhattan Beach was as safe as ever, why did property crimes increase by 36 percent between  2020 and 2022, and overall crime (including violent crime) by 34 percent over that same time frame, according to crime statistics readily available on the city’s website. In fact, the crime total for 2022 exceeds the yearly crime totals for each of the previous five years. By definition, this means Manhattan Beach is not as safe as ever. If Manhattan Beach is as safe as ever, why did the police chief herself request (and was granted by the Manhattan Beach City Council) authorization to hire an additional seven officers, a roughly 11 percent increase in our city’s police force? For a former City Council candidate, Fournier displays a surprising aloofness towards the community’s concerns over public safety. He dismissively notes that “robberies have occurred on The Strand and throughout Manhattan Beach for decades,” and that the failure to issue a Nixle alert in this case was a “small and ultimately insignificant detail,” even as both the City Manager and the Chief of Police took responsibility at the July 5 Council meeting for inadequate notification of the public, and promised to implement protocols to correct the problem.

Mike Michalski
Manhattan Beach


Sad song

Dear ER:

The family of the late Maestro Joseph A. Valenti was deeply saddened by the sudden and tragic news of Pat Dietz’s passing. Our father was a long time friend in music when the Dietz family opened their music store. In the last couple years the brothers offered my family help with some musical instruments, and I was very lucky to have a rehearsal with Pat, a very talented guitarist. My daughter took violin lessons at the store while in elementary school. Our hearts go out to all the Dietz brothers’ families.

Neva Valenti and family

Palos Verdes


Suspect investigators

Dear ER:

Why was the alleged misconduct investigation conducted by the high school administration, which has a vested interest in the outcome (“Redondo High assistant swim coach fired after reporting alleged misconduct. Swimmers told they will be banned from sports if they protest,” ER July 6, 2023)? Personnel matters that involve alleged sexual misconduct should be immediately handled by a different authority, such as RBPD detectives who have an office on the RUHS campus grounds.

Redondo Beach Residents Admin Asst.



Step in the wrong direction

Dear ER: 

As an RUHS swim alum, I’m deeply saddened and disturbed by this story (“Redondo High assistant swim coach fired after reporting alleged misconduct. Swimmers told they will be banned from sports if they protest,” ER July 6, 2023). So long as the report was made in good faith, why fire or ask the coach to “step down?” 

Haley Winn

ERNews comment


Call the cops

Dear ER:

When reporting to Safe Sport mandated reporters also have to report to Child Protective Services. The fact that the administration was aware of a situation and didn’t contact police to do the investigation, but rather did their own investigation is ridiculous and wrong. 

Keri Kappe-Garcia

ER Facebook post


Bike path dollars don’t go far

Dear ER:

BCHD received a $1.83 million grant from Metro for a quarter-mile long bike path between Redondo Beach and Torrance. On Jan. 13, 2019, the Beach Cities Health District Board passed a resolution stating  the Class I bike path was an “integral component” of the proposed Healthy Living Campus. This bike path was not included in the DEIR of the Healthy Living Campus and subsequently not studied for its proposed impacts. This is synonymous with BCHD’s track record to skirt the public and surrounding neighboring community and move forward with their agenda of no accountability. BCHD’s initial grant “estimate” for the Measure M funds was excessive, at $1,500 per foot. However, BCHD’s current $3,500 per foot for $1.4 million for 400-feet is irresponsible use of our tax dollars. Given their egregious spending and lack of accountability, how can we trust them with the Health Living Camps project that is 253,700 sq.ft. The bike path lacked permission from the City of Torrance, so it abruptly stops at the Redondo Beach property line.  

As Former Councilmember Bob Pinzler states in an Easy Reader article: “Why would BCHD be so insistent on building this dangerous, unneeded, and incomplete bike path when the city that controls two thirds of it has said no?”

Candace Nafissi

Redondo Beach


Redondo High Swim story retraction:

Last week’s Easy Reader cover story (July 6, 2023) about the Redondo Beach High School swim team mistakenly attributed to water polo coach, Shelby Haroldson, the sending of a text message to swim team members warning against a protest at the swim team banquet. Also, Andy Riggle, was misidentified in the text message, which Easy Reader quoted, as the district administrator who directed the text be sent. In a statement this week to Easy Reader, the district said no district employee was responsible for the text, and, specifically, the district did not warn team members not to wear teal, nor did they discourage students from exercising their right to be heard.

Easy Reader apologies for the errors.



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