Letters to the Editor: Swimming seniors, pandemic positives, playground politics


Dear ER:
What a fantastic article and what an inspiring group of women. I wish I lived nearby (“No. 1 Ladies South Bay Open Water Swim Club,” ER Feb. 4, 2021). My father is swimming in the open water regularly in the Seattle area. He would love to make a guest appearance with your club. Keep up the awesome swimming, ladies!
Lizzie Mara Treat
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Vibrant seniors
Dear ER:
I loved  reading about the swim club and the ladies (“No. 1 Ladies South Bay Open Water Swim Club,” ER Feb. 4, 2021). One of the gals looks like the lady who started our pickleball club here in Sun City, West Arizona. I love that we are active vibrant seniors enjoying life to its fullness. Go swim club!
Sandra Witt
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Pandemic positives

Dear ER:

I thought something on a positive note formight balance out the status quo. The air quality has been really great, especially since that last shower. Isn’t it great that we can meditate on the beach, watch the surf and dolphins or just do a bit of sand running? I love running in the sand after a rain. Because we get up quite early, we often get those quiet mornings with our neighbors standing around in their pajamas with the dogs. We pass out coffees to early a.m. surfers, the suns not up but our day has begun. It’s hard to complain in Mother Nature’s wonder with the breeze and the Pacific. Eventually, there’s honking cars and houseless denizens rummaging through their bags. I see many complaints in the paper. Most seem to perhaps be written by folks who have not gotten out of doors enough. The stickers, the cig butts the plastic and dog crap. It will always be there. Instead of complaining I suggest we stop talking and perhaps do more to police our patch of the South Bay. We always find the better side of things when we are out picking up trash or butts. I see my neighbors being conscientious, I see our city workers being kind and considerate, there’s always a smile at Mickey’s, and our place. We hope that our smiles are contagious. We hope that the rest of the residents in the South Bay take note of the neighbors who don’t complain, who suck it up and just get on with it. We love all of you very much and hope you smile the next time you stoop down to pick up someone else’s mess. 

Baker Dave
Hermosa Beach


Playground politics

Dear ER:

The Redondo Beach District 1 race is extremely important to the future of our city.  Incumbent Nils Nehrenheim has demonstrated and articulated a clear vision for the future, in his own resident-centric words and actions.  He won’t condone over-densification, over-development or tearing down our trees to make way for it. His opponent, former Redondo School Board member Brad Waller, is a nice guy. But this isn’t high school and it’s not a popularity contest. Vote for Nils Nerenheim for District 1 City Council.

Candace Allen Nafissi,

Rondo Beach


Fresh leadership

Dear ER:

Our friend of more than 20 years, Erika Snow Robinson, is running for Redondo Beach City Council, District 2. We encourage all District 2 voters to give her your vote. Erika is a tireless volunteer, a mother, a Marine, a breast cancer survivor, an artist, and someone with unlimited energy, optimism, and vision for a better Redondo Beach. Erika’s long history of community involvement and activism, combined with her creative spirit and can-do attitude, will assure that she brings a fresh contribution to our city’s leadership.

Deb and Kevin Anderson

Redondo Beach


Brand four

Dear ER:

As long-time residents of District 2 in Redondo Beach, we’ve been fortunate to be able to vote for Bill Brand three times, (twice for councilman, once for mayor), and we’re happy to vote for him again. Bill has spent many years fighting developers, Realtors and fellow-councilmembers in an effort to keep Redondo Beach a great place to live, even as others exploit it for their own selfish purposes. Without his courage and leadership we’d be another Santa Monica. No thanks. We also need incumbents Todd Lowenstein (District. 2), and Nils Nehrenheim (District. 1) and challenger Zein Obagi (District. 4) to help Brand maintain our beach culture and life-style. 

There’s lots more to be done.

Jacqueline Gerenz

Ross Yosnow 

Redondo Beach


Sooper guy

Dear ER:

Redondo Beach City Attorney candidate Harden Sooper promises transparency, a full review of department activities, and even a pay cut. All things the current city attorney Webb refuses to consider, as he is paid nearly $470,000 dollars a year. That’s more than double what the governor of California is paid.

Harden Sooper will put an end to what’s been happening at the City Attorney’s office for way too long – unchecked cronyism, outrageous salaries, perks, and lawsuits that the city shouldn’t even be involved in – just wasting taxpayers money.  All at a time when our firefighters and police are being asked to take make do with less. The stagnation in the harbor for the past four years also rests on the shoulders of Webb. If only he only advised the City Council to wait five  weeks, until after the 2017 election to approve the CenterCal Harbor Mall.  We could have avoided one a $15 million lawsuits and an estimated $2 million in legal defense costs. We, the voters are Mike Webb’s boss and it’s time we took charge and replaced him. We need Harden Sooper who will end the days of making important decisions without citizen input. 

Lisa Youngworth

Redondo Beach CA 90277


Elder leader

Dear ER:

I’ve known Dan Elder for many years now and seen how dedicated he is to our kids and our entire school community.  Having served with him on the RBUSD Bond Oversight Committee and the Adams School Site Council, I’ve seen some of the many ways he’s worked to understand the challenges we face in education and find creative solutions. It’s important that we have parents on the School Board who represent everyone and will listen to all of us. I’m voting for Dan because I know he has the experience and community support to move RBUSD into the future. You only need to see him dressed as the school mascot welcoming kids back to school reopening to see how much he cares about all of us. This is a critical time in education, I hope you’ll join me in supporting Dan.

Janett Barbosa

Redondo Beach


Time for a Chang 

Dear ER

Jerome Chang has my first vote for RBUSD school board. As a newcomer, his ability to quickly get critical endorsements from both the Democratic Party of LA County and the RBTA (Redondo Beach Teachers  Association) demonstrates his motivation and commitment to getting things done quickly and effectively. I have talked with him at length and he is very objective and sincere in wanting to cut through the clutter. More importantly, he listens. I am a businessperson and on the board of a charter school in Los Angeles and value his refreshing candidacy. He’s a small business owner, architect, parent and fellow Harvard alum. He also has valuable insight with teachers because his wife has taught in Torrance for 20 years. Look him up at www.321vote.us.

Mark Narain

Redondo Beach


Three for the board

Dear ER:

Please join me in voting for Rachel Silverman Nemeth, Dan Elder and Karen Ford Cull for RBUSD School Board. I’m voting for parents who have been deeply involved in our educational community for years and care about our children and our school community. I’m voting for people who’ve spent time building collaborative relationships and partnerships with parents, teachers, staff, and administrators and know that our children do best when we all work together. Rachel, Dan and Karen know what will be expected of them as school board members and they have the experience and capability to be effective advocates. I say that not just as the Vice President of the Board of Education but as the mother of children in RBUSD schools. The decisions we make have consequences. Please join me in making the right decision and electing Rachel Silverman Nemeth, Dan Elder and Karen Ford Cull to our School Board.

Raymur Flinn

Redondo Beach


Trone on

Dear ER:

I am writing to voice my support for Margo Trone for School Board Member of RBUSD.

I am a Redondo Beach parent of two school-age children, who is very involved in their education. I have known Margo for the last seven years. She is passionate about education. I have seen firsthand how she has worked for our children as a PTA president, from using common sense on how funds were expended, to focusing on activities that benefit the overall wellbeing of the children and taking actions to celebrate our diversity. Margo has the qualifications and experience to oversee the RBUSD’s operations, and the vision needed to move RBUSD to the top. 

Jimena Cabrera Furie

Redondo Beach  


Go for Margo

Dear ER:

I would like to endorse Margo Trone for the Redondo Beach Unified School District board. 

I met Margo two years ago while we served together at Washington Elementary PTA. Margo is an exceptional leader. She understands the needs and aspirations of others and responds to that.  Margo has a strong sense of “what is right,” and has the best interest of her community at heart. She founded the nonprofit Dual Immersion Foundation, which has been providing free tutoring and mentoring students during the pandemic while being a mom of three children in Redondo Beach. Margo is a visionary who leads with courage and compassions. I believe in Margo Trone and what she has already accomplished and I am excited about what she will do for our community as a School Board Member. Margo has my vote!

Raika Angelov 

Redondo Beach


Solid endorsements

Dear ER:

I am a six year resident of Redondo Beach, a business woman, and proud mother of a 5th grader  in the Dual Immersion program at Washington Elementary. I have had the grand pleasure of  working and collaborating with school board Candidate Margo Trone for the past three-and-a-half years. She is an involved parent in our district, and is president and founder of the Dual Immersion Foundation, which has helped bring cultural awareness and  diversity to our community. The foundation has also helped our dual immersion students obtain the required 10 service hours in Spanish, to earn their Seal of Biliteracy in 5th  and in 8th grade. She is a true leader and advocate for our students and families. Her solid endorsements speak for themselves. It is my great pleasure to be among the prestigious group of professionals who endorse Margo Trone for the RBUSD Board of Education. I strongly believe that she will bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a new voice to our Board of Education. Please join  me, and many other respected members of our community, and vote for Margo Trone on  March 2, 2021 

Bianca C. Denson 

Redondo Beach


Mail in Margo

Dear ER:

As a parent of two kids in the Redondo Beach Unified School District, I am very happy to support Margo Trone for the Redondo Beach School Board. I have worked closely with Margo on the Dual Immersion Foundation, which she founded and runs, and can personally attest that she is extremely diligent, hard-working and has our kids’ best interest at heart at all times. I am fully confident that Margo will work hard for all parents to not only make our school system the best it can be, but also to embrace authentic diversity in our community. Margo is not only a committed mother of three and an active volunteer in the community, she brings experience working in LAUSD and a background in law and risk management. I wholeheartedly encourage Redondo Beach residents to vote for Margo Trone for Redondo Beach School Board by mail in the upcoming election.

Rennee Brennan

Redondo Beach


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