Live Dealer Casino Games: What You Need To Know

If you have ever longed for the genuine brick-and-mortar casino experience but have not had the opportunity to visit a proper establishment, you may be interested in live dealer games. They are the closest that you can get to the classic experience and their popularity has skyrocketed in the time that they have been available.


Live dealer games are quite simple to understand and play, showcasing how far the online gambling industry has developed since its inception. Basically, live dealer games are traditional casino games hosted by a professional dealer at a physical location and the footage is streamed over the Internet to your device.

State of Live Dealer Games in 2019


Live dealer games come in many shapes and sizes but there are usually a few general genres that you will encounter at These include the classic games of blackjack, roulette, casino poker and baccarat, with the respective sub-genres of each game. Given the different format, there are certain differences between the online and land-based experience when playing certain games, but nothing that would ruin immersion or would affect your bankroll. For example, playtech live dealer roulette and baccarat have the theoretical capacity to accommodate for an infinite number of players, while a blackjack table can only have so many users, typically no more than eight.


Of course, these are trivial when compared to the grand scheme of things. Live dealer games are an extreme leap in terms of technology and service when compared to their virtual counterparts. Never before have players had the opportunity to get the full casino experience from their homes. Moreover, live dealer games also retain the social aspect of visiting a brick-and-mortar establishment. As mentioned on with the chat system, you can communicate with other players and the dealer, celebrating a large win or commiserating about a devastating loss. The social element is what makes them compelling and much more interesting than the virtual titles, where players feel isolated and alone. After all, a land-based casino is teeming with life and emotions, something that no computer program can replicate.


Live Dealer Providers and Potential Issues

In terms of different live casino games, there is much more choice on the market than there was a few years ago. The largest software provider companies have already developed their own streaming studios and are offering this service to online casinos. As a result of the competition, the live casino technology is improving quickly and players report better experiences with each passing year. The companies in question refer to the likes of Microgaming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt and others who have pioneered the online gambling industry.


As far as the gaming itself is concerned, you should have no issues in playing your favorite table games. The user interface is quite the same no matter if you play microgaming live dealer games or other ones and as long as you have experience with those, you will immediately get the hang of it. If you do not, then don’t worry, as the controls are quite simplistic and it takes only a few moments to become familiar with them.


There is something else that you need to consider, however. Since live dealer games are streaming video footage to your device in real time, playing such titles could prove taxing on your Internet connection. While ISPs have improved their infrastructures over the last few years, some players have not yet seen the benefit of this. Mobile users, in particular, are at risk of reaching the maximum on their data plans if they don’t play on a WiFi connection. In any event, a connection speed of at least 1Mb/s is recommended to have a smooth experience.



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