Lupin: Why you should watch the new top Netflix series

Are you looking for new series in Netflix to watch? Have you maybe watched all the classic American or English movies and wish to explore international movies set in different countries and languages? Lupin is a phenomenal French series that gains popularity in Europe and around the globe amazingly fast. Let’s see what this series is all about.

Although the title of the new French Netflix series is reminiscent of the novels of Maurice LeBlanc, written in the last century and starring an aristocratic thief named Arsene Lupin, here we have a modern police series set in today’s Paris with a likeable avenger protagonist (Assan) who has Lupin from the books as his role model. If the plot sounds interesting already or if you are a fan of LeBlanc’s books read below to find out why this series is getting so popular. If you are looking for other ways to pass your time on top of watching phenomenal Netflix series, check out casino online and have some fun!

Now, back to the series, Assan, played by Omar Sif (from the Untouchables), is unemployed, divorced, charming and mainly wants to steal Marie Antoinette’s necklace during an auction at the Louvre.

But Assan is not a classic thief, and the reason he has decided on this daring plan is in the past. Their father, an honest immigrant from Africa, was found embroiled in a robbery case and hanged in jail, leaving his son irresponsible to restore his honour. The son in turn, convinced of his father’s innocence and influenced by Lupin – the books of his childhood – adopts Lupin’s ability in disguise and takes advantage of how one can go unnoticed in a metropolis and does everything to fulfil the sacred duty of his. 

A wealthy family that unjustly accused his father, a competent police inspector and an activist journalist are entangled in the labyrinthine path of Assan who always manages to deceive his acquaintances, but also the authorities, manages to sneak into prison and escape, and comes up with a bunch of tricks in order to complete his quest and at the same time win his own son’s heart.

Assan constantly deceives both everyone in his familiar environment and the public, and Omar Sif – who is not exactly the man who would go unnoticed – wanders in beautiful Paris, seeking the truth. At the same time, through flash backs, we are transported to his childhood, where we watch how his father fell a victim to the plotting of a ruthless man.

Class inequalities, the issue of racial identity and racism are evident in every episode. They sometimes try too hard to surprise you, but they never miss their target, which is nothing more than a purely entertaining series, suitable for the days of quarantine and lockdown. At first it may remind you of the “Casa del Papel”, but here we do not have a group looking for a better tomorrow, punishing capitalism, but a lonely man who is indifferent to material goods and the only thing that makes him move forward is his duty to the man who created him and raised him.

Thus, Assan, unique and special, shines more than the diamond necklace of the empress, winning the hearts of the viewers, who watch his tricks with interest, although they know from the beginning that he will come out unharmed. This a small (5 episodes so far) series and relatively simple but definitely worth giving it a shot, it will surely win you over.


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Written by: Easy Reader Staff

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