New Travel Video: San Diego’s Oceanside

The North San Diego city of Oceanside has a paved Strand for joggers, cyclists and the like to enjoy Beach Life. By Jefferson Graham for the PhotowalksTV series.

The latest from PhotowalksTV: a short 90 minute drive from the Bubble (on a good day) or 2 hours or so, brings us to the cute North San Diego beach town of Oceanside. 

Like Manhattan Beach, Hermosa and Redondo, it also has a classic pier (way longer though, one of the longest in the state)  and akin to Redondo, a harbor for boating activities and Sea Lions, and like much of the South Bay, it has seen a lot of investment in recent years, as Oceanside’s old sleepy image has been upgraded with new hotels, breweries, bakeries and foodie attracting restaurants.

Plus, like the South Bay, it’s incredibly photogenic. 

Catch the latest episode of #PhotowalksTV to join me on a virtual photowalk around Oceanside.



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