Old Venice: Best of the Beach 2018 Restaurant dessert

Everybody likes dessert, but there’s a special joy when you eat it as the Italians do. Don’t wait until after dinner, when your taste buds have already had a workout. The afternoon is a perfect time for espresso and dolci, like crisp, freshly made cannoli or a rich tiramisu that has the right balance of chocolate, liqueur, and sweetness. Old Venice will be happy to cater to your cravings with both Italian desserts and crisp Greek baklava or creamy rice pudding. Those who are watching the calories can enjoy gelato or other treats. They serve all of those and more at dinner too, but there’s something so decadent about eating this while the sun is high in the sky.


Old Venice

1001 Manhattan Ave., Manhattan Beach

(310) 376-0242



Runner-up: Cheesecake Factory

605 N. Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach

(310) 376-0466



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