Parking Your Car While Out Camping 

Even the happiest campers will turn into very angry and disappointed campers when a little hail storm leaves their car perforated with holes of all shapes and sizes. But that’s the price some of us have to pay when out in nature. We love being around in nature, of course, but cars are just not meant to be parked outside for too long.


From impact damage to corrosion and frost, cars are susceptible to all kinds of damage and require a little extra care. So, here are some ways you can protect the car while camping without having to drive to the nearest city or leaving your car in the unpredictable hands of Mother Nature. 

Under the Trees

This solution may not be the most viable, but when you’re caught under the rain or worse hail, the best you can do is rely on trees as a makeshift canopy and wait out the storm. Now, this still leaves a lot up to chance, since tree branches are not the most solid objects out there. You still don’t know if one solid hail pellet won’t find its way through the branches and land straight onto your windshield. 


Try to find the tallest trees in the area, as parking it under a short tree may not give you enough vertical canopy to protect it from the onslaught of rainwater and hail. The best way to locate the safest place to park your vehicle is by looking at the ground. Don’t park your car under a tree thinking it’s safe there. The dirt under your vehicle may be too wet, which could lead to potential difficulties getting the car out of place once the rain stops. 

Tarp Canopy

Tarp canopies are generally used by wedding caterers and at outdoor fests. But you can purchase special canopies designed to protect vehicles while you’re out camping. These are generally quite affordable as they’re nothing more than four metal stilts with a tarp. It is a very effective and cost-affordable way to protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions.


The one problem many car owners find is setting up the canopy. Sure, putting down the stilts and fixing them into the dirt doesn’t seem like a difficult task at first, but it is very hard to pull off when it’s already raining. Plus, the ground around you may be a little too rough and won’t allow you to set up the stilts in the first place. So, before heading out to camp, make sure that you’ve practiced setting up the tarp canopy a few times. This way when an emergency situation does come up, you’re quick on the draw and can have the canopy set up in a matter of minutes.

Nearby Garage

Unless you go camping in the deepest pockets of nature, you can surely find a few generous people who would allow you to park your car on their property and wait out the storm. Now, this solution is a bit of a longshot as many campers do tend to isolate themselves from humanity entirely and go deep into distant nature where there is very little to no sign of civilization. In this case, it would be very hard to locate any solid manmade structure that could house your vehicle during the storm.


This is where good preparation comes in handy. Study the map of the area around your camping grounds and see if there are any nearby structures that could have garages or vehicle canopies. If there aren’t, think of other safety measures instead. But if you do happen to find a gas station or a little store that you think would be kind enough to let you park your car, then you may ask them for help.

Weatherproof Car Cover

Another canopy-type accessory you can buy for your vehicle is a car cover. These aren’t relegated solely to collectors who can’t afford a single dust particle settling on their car’s exterior. These are very practical car accessories that are very useful for those who go camping. There are a ton of different car cover types out there designed to fulfill specific tasks.


For winter campers, there are winter car covers that can protect your vehicle from snow, ice, and frost. Waterproof car covers are also a great option for those who go camping in areas with a lot of rain. There are even impact-proof car covers that can shield your car’s exterior from incoming hail pellets, very useful for anyone worried about a sudden hail storm damaging their vehicle. Auto covers are very easy to transport as they are foldable. And better yet, they’re much easier to set up than tarp canopies. You can simply drape them over your vehicle as they are designed to accommodate your car’s exact shape.


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