Partners in Life and in the Boardroom – Successful Businesses Run By Husband & Wife

For some business owners, the idea of co-running a business with their partner could fill them with dread. It’s understandable. Spending too much time with anyone can cause friction. Yet, there are those who have not only made it work but have thrived in their relationships and their business. Here are some examples.

David Spector

David Spector, along with his wife Heidi Zack, is the co-founder of Thirdlove. Together they have built up a successful business, catering to women who struggle to find a bra that fits them. With over 60 sizes available, including half-cups, they have led the way in ensuring their customers find the perfect fit. This has given anyone identifying as a woman the chance to feel like their best self, whether pushing their limits during a workout or relaxing at home all while experiencing the comfort of a well-fitting bra.

Behavna Anand Sharma

Behavna Anand Sharma is the CEO of Cureveda; working alongside her husband, Siddhesh Sharma. The two of them founded the company in 2014 to cater to customers with ailments from diabetes to heart problems and everything in between, using clinically validated dietary supplements and herbal remedies. While the husband and wife work well together, she spends a lot of time on fitness activities such as yoga and cross-fit, which allow her some much-needed personal time.

Jo Malone

Although the business is named Jo Malone, she credits her husband as the business brain and states there would be no Jo Malone (the business) without him. The fact that she was able to sell the company to Estee Lauder and still contribute creatively for several years afterward, proves the dynamic of Jo and her husband working together makes them a good partnership, both as a couple and business partners. Their different roles in creating this success are likely to be a big factor in why this partnership has worked so well.

Emma Bridgwater

Emma Bridgwater is another business you may have heard of. Emma may have the company named after her, but there is a strong business partnership between her and Matthew Rice. The pair have used their creative talents to work together since early in their marriage. Despite Emma’s arthritis diagnosis, resulting in Mathew having to increase his workload, the business is still very much a partnership. Its success could be partly down to how well they work together, their mutual support and respect for each other, and how they take inspiration from everyday things. There is a distinct lack of competitiveness, with each of them willing to take on the tasks they are best at or to help out wherever they can.

So, despite what many individuals believe, it is possible for married couples to work together. There has to be a mutual interest in the business, and it helps if each has their own talents. Being able to spend time apart is also as crucial as finding quality time together.





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