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Pier Aid: Local Punk Rockers bring awareness to the Waterfront and win [VIDEO+PHOTOS]

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from Seamus O’Blivion:

Greetings Pier Aid Punks,

I want to thank him, Ken Thun, Jake and Chelsea Todesco and The Boogie first for making this fever dream a reality. Two months in the planning, without you, it wouldn’t have happened.
I also must thank fellow mayoral candidate Michael Ian Sachs, his amazing band Jak Frost, Culo, Carpit, Supersession, Public Nuisance for coming all the way from Santa Clarita, Neckbreaker, the always explosive STD’S and Black Lagoon for top shelf MUSIC THAT MATTERS…
You blessed our beloved pier with your music, love, frustration and dedication and I will never be able to thank you enough.
Must also thank the local Classic Rock Pier Rats that showed up to support OUR F**KING PIER.

photo gallery by Anthony Hernandez 


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