Popular Superstitions in Casinos

Myths, sometimes, play a large part in some players when they gamble despite the fact the 100% of the games depend on chance, especially with the advancement of the technology of RNG generators. Some players, on the other hand, believe that there are certain steps to take to attract or push luck away during the game. In this article with the help of the online casino team of CasinoScout.ca, we will be looking at some of the superstitions popular in casinos over the years.


Blowing The Dice

When a certain human blows a casino dice, you’re most likely to be in good luck. At least that’s what they all believe. For many of us that watch movies where casinos games are involved, we’ve surely seen the player offering the dice to a beautiful woman to blow on them before he throws the dice on the table for all to see.


Don’t Change Position When You Win

When a player claims a win, and their luck continues to shine, they should not stop their recipe for winning in any way. This has led many gamblers to stay in the same position for over an hour if they believe it lucky. Somelive casino Canada players even went as far as remaining completely motionless in their positions as long as they continue winning, and avoid being scratched, touched, or even leaving for the toilet.


Never Cross Your Legs While Gambling

For the lady luck to get on your side, you have to be open and ready to accept her blessing. So, by crossing your legs, it means you’re are “tying” your luck at the casino, and this is one of the popular myths around today. If gamblers really believe this, then there will definitely be a problem with winning at their own game. It’s good to stretch your legs whenever you feel like it.


Avoid People That Brings Bad Luck

In China, gamblers consider themselves luckier whenever they play the games alone with no acquaintance or friend close to them. And if you end up gambling with friends, always ensure that no one close to you, at that very moment, has a negative aura. And while you’re playing, and you receive a phone call, before picking up, make sure the call is not from someone that brings bad luck.


Don’t Count Your Money When People Are Looking

You may have scored a lot of cash while playing, or you just want to count how much you have won or have left to determine how long you’ll be playing for. The rule is to count your money where no one will see you. There is an “evil eye” lurking around everywhere, and gamblers believe that counting your money on the gambling table will bring you bad luck.


The Rookie Fortune

The Rookie’s luck. This is a popular phrase that is widely known among gamblers across the world. They believe that someone playing gambling for the first time is bound to be luckier than the average professional gambler. Some even feel that gambling with someone who has almost no knowledge of the game will be a favour to them. Just like the typical case of a grandmother that went on a winning streak in a casino and re-wrote history on her first day.


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