Redondo Beach Police Beat

Redondo Beach Police


Crime recap of reports received Friday, Nov. 5 through Thursday, Nov. 11:



– In the 2100 block of Dufour Ave., a 2012 Ford E-350 was reported stolen, containing tools, surveillance camera wire, drills, recorder and miscellaneous alarm parts.

– In the 2100 block of Dufour Ave., a 2012 Ford E-350 was reported stolen.

– In the 2400 block of Mackay Lane, a stolen 2007 Honda Civic was recovered by the Redondo Beach Police. 

– In the 2400 block of Mackay Lane, a 2011 Chevrolet Impala was reported stolen.

– In the 2700 block of Manhattan Beach Blvd., a victim loading items into a vehicle trunk was approached by a suspect who slammed the trunk closed, argued and attempted to take property. Suspect then shoved victim to ground, causing visible injury and taking property, running away.

– In the 200 block of South Broadway, a suspect took property from the vicinity of a locked bicycle nearby a park. A victim recognized the property and tried to grab it. The suspect punched, kicked and pushed the victim and fled.

 – In the 1500 block of Hawthorne Blvd., suspects entered an open business, chose merchandise and forcefully opened a locked compartment. Confronted by employees, the suspects attempted to hit them with bottles and flee; which they were able to do, despite employees attempting to stop them. Loss reported was two bottles of wine, recovered by the store.

– In the 2200 block of 190th Street, a suspect entered an open business, took items from a locked refrigerator after forcibly opening the door and took other merchandise behind the counter. The suspect put items in a plastic bag and pushed an employee several times and fled.

– In the 500 block of North Gertruda Ave., a suspect entered an open garage and went into the residence through an open door. He confronted a resident, yelling at him, pushing him and following him outside where the suspect took property. The victim chased the suspect and retrieved property. No loss was reported.

– In the 2600 block of Manhattan Beach Blvd., a suspect smashed a side window to enter a closed business. No loss reported.

– In the 3700 block of Inglewood Ave., a locked storage unit was entered by unknown means. A suspect took property, including a laptop computer and flash drive.

– In the 800 block of the Esplanade, a suspect broke a door lock to enter a building and take property. Losses unknown.

 – In the 700 block of South Prospect Avenue, a suspect attempted to get in a side window of a secured garage of an apartment complex. Suspect attempted to cut metal bars on a window with a cutting tool but was unsuccessful and fled on a bicycle.

– In the 2400 block of Hill Lane, a suspect entered an unlocked 2016 Mercedes C300 inside a garage. The garage door was kicked-in by the suspect who fled when confronted by a victim who yelled.

– In the 2600 block of Alvord Lane, a suspect forced entry through a backdoor of a residence, was confronted by residents and left. No loss reported.

– In the 2400 block of Alvord Lane, a suspect entered a secured residence through a rear sliding door to take property including an Apple desktop computer, MacBook, Rolex Submariner watch, Rolex diamond ring, Blackbird watch, and bracelets. 

– In the 1900 block of Firmona Avenue, a suspect was allowed to stay in a residence for a night but was told to leave the next day. The suspect returned and attempted to turn the handle of the front door to push it open. No loss reported.

– In the 500 block of Avenue G, a suspect entered a secured apartment complex’s underground garage by unknown means and cut a lock to take an Aggressor mountain bike.

– In the 1300 block of South Catalina Ave., a suspect entered a locked garage by a pedestrian exit gate to take property. Loss reported includes two REI 700C bicycle tires and a bike seat.

– In the 2500 block of Graham Avenue, two vehicles in an apartment complex’s unsecured underground parking structure were entered, the vehicles possibly unlocked. Loss reported was a pair of prescription sunglasses. 

– In the 100 block of South Francisca Ave., a cut lock in an underground carport led to reported loss of a Trek mountain bike.



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