Slot Machines in Online Casinos: Three Effective Strategies

Since most players do not know the principles of playing on slot machines, there are such false stereotypes as simplicity, a high probability of winning, and the futility of any strategies. Learn about the best methods and tips to improve the quality of your game. 

How Do Slot Machines Work?

This type of gambling is the loudest and most popular game. All the major online casinos such as Mega Moolah have slot machines available for the users. Undoubtedly, luck plays a huge role in success but using the right strategy will help maximize your chances. 

The result of each rotation of the machine is a completely random combination. Each time you play, a computer program randomly selects a symbol on the first, second, and third reel. The return to the player of the machine, in this case, depends on the probability of the winning combination falling out and payment on it. The sequence of characters cannot be changed, so each rotation gives the same chance of winning as the previous one. However, there are some strategies that can increase your chances of winning. 

Here are three effective approaches that will save you from losing money:


  • Choose Maximum  Fixed Payouts


There are two main types of slot machines: regular and progressive. The former means that there is a fixed amount on the jackpot that never changes. The latter means that a jackpot will increase each time a new gambler plays. 

Although the majority of beginners choose progressive machines because they have potentially higher profits, this may not be the best strategy. The main disadvantage of such devices is interconnectedness. Naturally, more people play on progressive slots. It means that the chances of winning a jackpot will be even lower than usual. The same goes for small wins: they also occur much rarer than with regular slots. That is why we recommend sticking with common slot machines. 


  • Choose the Games with the Lowest Jackpots


This strategy is tightly connected to the first one. Remember this hard rule: the lower the winning amount is, the easier it will be to win. It works for slot machines as well. Huge jackpots usually take years to grow and they are rarely won. You have probably heard of some cases but it happens so rarely that it becomes an Internet sensation. Although your instincts may tell you to play on machines with a higher jackpot, we would suggest doing the exact opposite. 


  • Avoid Video Drums


Video slot machines may look more attractive and fun, but in reality, they pay much less than usual. The return on them is about 5% lower, which may seem insignificant, but in fact, owners of gambling institutions make a fortune. Why does it happen? Video and small colored entertainment details on these types of machines require more time during the game, and the casino makes less money. Therefore, this type of machines is programmed to hold a slightly larger part of the money from the players. To increase the return on the game, it is better to stick to classic slot machines.



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