Spotlight on Art – Prestigious  “GIFTED” Art Collection

The storied past of the “Gifted” collection.

On Display at PVAC through November 12

The Palos Verdes Art Center hosted a public art reception for their new installation of “GIFTED: Collecting the Art of California” at Gardena High School from 1919-1956. The show featured  50 treasures of art from such prominent early California Impressionist artists as Maynard Dixon, Maurice Braun, Jean Mannheim, and William Wendt. Gardena High School established the collection when plein-air landscapes flourished in Southern California. The high level of sophistication demonstrated by the students’ choices were the result of the aesthetic discourses and collaborations with the artists, and the school’s faculty. Most works selected prior to World War II were landscapes. Later works such as by Loren Barton, and Emil Kosa reflect the influence of the American Scene movement popular during the Depression era. Each graduating class raised money and selected an art piece to be donated as a gift to the school. 

Photos by Tony LaBruno


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