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Spyder: Best snowboard, ski shop

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Spyder's stoked crew. Photo by Eddie Solt

Spyder’s stoked crew. Photo by Eddie Solt

When snowboarding first became popular in America during the early ‘80s, Spyder Surf owner Dennis Jarvis almost missed the boat.

“We were approached by Jake Burton, owner of Burton Snowboards, to carry snowboards in and I said no,” he said. “At the time, I didn’t grasp snowboards but my managers did.”

Spyder only missed the first six months of the the new sport blowing up.

“By the late ‘80s we had a stellar snowboard team,” Jarvis said and joked. “This started a vicious live-to-snowboard lifestyle.”

One of his managers, John Sherwood (now the VP of Globe International) owned a cabin in Big Bear used by the Spyder crew quite often.

“Our employees, from ghost shapers to the sales floor, have used the cabin over the years,” Jarvis said. “Because we actually snowboard, it gives us an edge with the knowledge of the sport and the products.” — ES

Spyder Surf 2461 Pacific Coast Hwy, Hermosa Beach. (310) 374-8276 & Spyder 2

BOB Logo 2015 - Clear 4C (layers) 65 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach. (310) 374-2494

Runner up: ET Surf 904 Aviation Blvd, Hermosa Beach.



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