Stocking Up on Insider Knowledge: 6 Tips for Choosing a Stock House Plan

Buying a home is a significant investment. If you choose to build a home, the process can be equal parts time and energy-consuming, especially if you design the house plan with the help of an architect. 


Rather than adding more stress to the process, lighten the load resting on your shoulders by choosing a stock house plan from providers like these. These stock plans have proven successful as other homeowners selected them and built them on site. With so many stock house plans available, you should be able to find one that meets your needs and fulfills your deepest dream-house desires.


With these tips, the process of choosing a stock house plan will be stress-free and time-efficient. 

Decide on the must-haves

When you start choosing a stock house plan, decide on the absolute necessities. If you must have four bedrooms, then only look at four-bedroom homes. Decide on other must-haves, such as an open kitchen, well-lit foyer, or built-in mudroom. Otherwise, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself when those top-tier wishlist items aren’t present. 

Choose an architectural style

Along with the must-haves, you’ll need to settle on an architectural style. Many people window shopping for stock plans will narrow their search by architectural style, stories, and bedrooms. 


If you love the beach bungalow style, then you can weed out mid-century moderns, Tudors, and colonials. When you narrow the search to an architectural style you love, you’ll make your search more efficient. 

Set a budget

Stock home plans have budgets attached to them. The budget usually includes the supplies and time to construct it on site. 


The stock plans will not include the cost of the lot but will disclose the minimum requirements for a lot size. Budgets vary based on location and lots, so choose a style that nestles comfortably under your financial limitations. 


Be realistic

When shopping for a stock house plan, choose practical features that will age like a fine wine. Many older homes come equipped with formal living rooms, but homeowners that host extravagant dinner parties are one-in-a-million in today’s day in age of to-go meals and movie marathons. 


Remember that every additional room or feature adds to the price of the build. With these price increases in mind, keep your budget and must-haves in mind while also trying to check off some of your dream home must-haves. 

Satisfy your dreams

As your new home becomes a reality, don’t neglect your dream home features. For example, if you must have a wrap-around front porch, then choose homes with that feature. Post-construction, building a wrap-around porch and a turret may be out of the question, so prioritize this wishlist item that will get a lot of mileage. 

Browse and save

As you browse the stock house plans, create a system for saving the house plans you like. Copy and paste the URLs into a doc and jot down easy-to-reference notes about your likes and dislikes. Eventually, after sifting through hundreds of stock house plans, they may start to look alike, so take detailed notes that will help you choose your favorites. 

Wrap up

In the hustle and bustle of shopping for stock house plans, having tips to keep you on target will help you narrow your choices. For those in the process of building their dream home, don’t shrug off your wishlists and non-negotiables. Should you choose to prioritize practicality over pleasure, you may find yourself dwelling on the what-ifs years down the road. 



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