Strangest Ways to Mine Cryptocurrency

Mining cryptocurrency is not new now, and many ambitious miners invent new ways of mining cryptocurrency. Therefore, in this article today, we will familiarise ourselves with some of the strangest ways to mine cryptocurrency. For example, you might be left awestruck that even the bitcoins could be mined through using the body heat? Well, that’s right, it could be done. So, let’s see what other ways we have got.

Tesla Benefits

This option is more of a playful way. It is the invention of one of the owners of the Tesla electric car. A creative car enthusiast installed a technique in the trunk of a car that is used for mining crypto coins. Tesla car owners have the opportunity to receive free electricity for their cars; however, based on some calculations, the cryptocurrency mining farm in the Tesla trunk can consume about 58 kW of energy per day. The same amount of electricity is consumed by a car for 278 km. This method, of course, could be an excellent option, but with such electricity consumption, it is unlikely that it will be possible to extract the same bitcoin in the shortest possible time.

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Mining with Human Heat

At the Institute of Aging in The Hague, they learned how to mine with the help of human heat. Scientists have come up with a special suit for this.

But the invention cannot yet be taken seriously. The creators say that the project has become more of an art installation than a way of earning money.

In 212 hours of the experiment, 37 people collected a total of 127,210 milliwatts of electricity and mined 16,954 units of different cryptocurrencies. 80% of the earnings were divided among the participants in the experiment, and the rest was transferred to the institute.

Using a Lunar Computer

The Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) was introduced in 1960 to launch an American rocket to the moon. Of course, it was once a revolutionary technology and development, but in our modern and fast-paced technological world, 16-bit computers are no longer in business.

However, this did not stop the enthusiastic scientist Ken Shirriff from testing AGC in bitcoin mining. The process has begun, but according to the scientist’s approximate calculations, it will take a billion times longer than the universe exists to successfully complete at least one block in the Bitcoin blockchain.

Mining Bitcoin with a Nuclear Reactor

Naturally, no one built a nuclear reactor purposefully for Bitcoin mining. A nuclear power plant with one reactor can generate up to 5.1 terawatts/hour per year. That’s about 10% of the total annual energy consumption of the Bitcoin network.

Imagine that nuclear reactors are faced with an unusual problem: they produce too much energy because of their power. Scientists note that the purposeful slowdown of the station does not affect fuel consumption in any way. Therefore, energy is simply wasted. But we all know why electricity is needed almost all the time? That’s right, for Bitcoin.

Mr. Goax

You might be surprised to hear that Mr. Goax is a no person but a rat who works in his office, what his owners call Goax box, a fixed time. So, this rat works through running an ‘intentional wheel,’ and the wheel spins along the different options to select a cryptocurrency. Well, there are two tunnels in the box where one is for buy and another for sell. So, whenever Mr. Goaxx runs through a tunnel, the trade circuit is completed via the connected electronic wires. Sounds Difficult? But it’s easy for a rat!

Game Mining

There is another way to mine using a cell phone, but illegal. Cybercriminals mine cryptocurrency using viruses in mobile games. For this, special software is provided. It extracts the Magi cryptocurrency for the game developer and rewards the user with the game currency when the game starts. The user launches the program of his own free will, so it is not considered malicious; however, the person does not always realize that the miner program makes the smartphone work for wear and tear.

Burn Rubber

In 2017, PRTI, a company that recycles unusable tires into energy, struck a deal with StandartAmericanMinig, a mining firm. From the moment the deal was struck, the company began supplying power to mining rigs for various cryptocurrencies. This method should be considered an additional source of electricity for the extraction of crypto coins and as a more environmentally friendly method.

Money Wind

Another method was invented by Julian Oliver, who lives in New Zealand. Compared to other miners, Julian is concerned about the changes in climatic conditions caused by the greenhouse effect. So he developed the equipment used for the mining of wind energy-powered crypto coins.

This digital currency mining farm has six wind turbines that are mounted on a tripod. The system connects to computers that are in a waterproof container.

Mining on Old Phones

You can also mine using old mobile phones. This is a bitcoin mining farm made from 40 old Galaxy S5s. It runs on a new operating system that Samsung has developed specifically for this initiative. Eight Galaxy S5s are said to be capable of mining more efficiently than a standard desktop computer.


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