Surfing Santa promises to fill grom stockings with sand

Surfing Santa clicks his heels in excitement upon returning to the Beach Cities for his annual holiday surf trip. Photos by Ray Vidal

Surfing Santa was besieged in and out of the water by local groms when he returned to Neptune Street last week for his annual pre-holiday surf session. The groms all asked for the same thing in their stockings: Sand to build sandbars so they can surf without getting slammed in the shorepound, like they have been all summer and fall. Santa promised to fill his reindeer sleds with  bags of white sand, but only if the groms wear their helmets and obey traffic laws when riding their e-bikes to the beach. ER

A young beach girl is startled to see there really is a Surfing Santa.

Riley Levy gets a few words in with Surfing Santa back.


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