The Greatests Jackpots in Casinos

Modern casinos operate in such a way that a too emotional person can lose at poker or a slot machine a huge fortune. To avoid this happening, it’s better to start with free games at Yet, some win great jackpots. Here are examples of several super-winners that almost drove gambling clubs to bankruptcy.

MGM Grand

One evening, staying on business in the gambling capital of Las Vegas, the famous Australian billionaire Kerry Parker, decided to look into the casino. By the way, in the year of his death in 2005, he was at the top of the list of the richest people in Australia. So that memorable night Parker managed to relieve the MGM Grand casino bank for an amount ranging from $20 million to $40 million. The exact figure is still unknown, since that night the billionaire was lucky to win big several times in a row. By the way, the service staff was also very lucky that night – the tips from the maitre d’ and waitress from the generous Kerry amounted to no less than $1 million.


In early spring 2003, there was a basketball tournament in Vegas. An ordinary engineer from Los Angeles, 25 years old, was there to cheer on his favorite team. Since the game was still a couple of hours away, he decided to pass the time at the slot machines at Excalibur Casino. He spent about $100 on tokens, one after the other. Suddenly a huge jackpot sign lit up on the machine’s scoreboard and a congratulatory song played. The jackpot was a staggering $39,713,982.25. The winner decided to conceal his name. Lucky guy agreed with the casino that every year his account institution will move to $ 1.5 million. If we take into account that the amount won by a young engineer is equal to the average monthly profits of the gaming club, Excalibur Casino was unspeakably happy about this decision of his record-breaker.


To grab a million dollars in gambling, you need to have fantastic luck. However, there are some incredibly lucky people who have been lucky enough to do it twice. A World War II veteran named Elmer Sherwin was 76 when he hit the $4.6 million jackpot, interestingly enough, 10 hours after the Mirage Casino celebrated its official opening. The old gambler spent the winnings on a trip around the world.


As it turns out, a fickle fortune doesn’t dare turn its back on the elderly. This time it showed its lucky face to 71-year-old Hawaiian resident Emmy Nishimura, who came to Vegas for the weekend. Although the reason for the luck was the behavior of Emmy, who literally “persuaded” the slot machine to give up all her money, explaining why she needed it so much. After she exchanged her entire $100 in cash for tokens, Emma repeatedly dropped them into the machine’s slot. In less than three hours, the stubborn old woman was rewarded with the $8.9 million jackpot.


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