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The Moose Lodge High School Prom: a prom do-over for grownups

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Artwork by Brook Power of @BushBabyMade

An unusual and arguably long overdue event takes place Saturday night just across the Manhattan Beach border: a prom for grownups. The event, which features local bands Spendtime Palace, The Charities, Royal Rats, and Jesse Erikson and the Prom Band, takes place at the Moose Lodge in El Segundo and is targeting all those (read: most everyone) who didn’t do prom right the first time around. This prom serves drinks and encourages maximum glitz. “Come with your finest chiffon, silk, ruffles and sparkles,” the prom’s Eventbrite post reads. “Formal dress code strictly enforced. The best dressed individuals will be crowned as prom king and queen. Prizes will be rightfully awarded.”

The Moose Lodge High School Prom 2019 is the brainchild of Marisa Hirtzel Archimbaud. She wanted to offer prom failures a “redo” with an event that was more fun than a wedding but with less weird pressure than Halloween.  

“To be honest, I am just selfishly scheming the ultimate dream dance party for myself —  streamers, disco ball, cute boys and all,” she said. “I guess the idea came because I was jealous of kids could get to dress up and ask a date to prom. But those types of things are so much more fun when you’re not an awkward teenager that hasn’t learned to tame your hair, talk to boys or has a disappointingly bad taste in formalwear. So I figured, probably a lot of other people want prom redemptions too and MLHS Prom was born.”

The event is 8 to midnight June 15. See (enter Moose Lodge High School Prom) or follow the event on Instagram @mlhsprom. The Moose Lodge is at 514 West Imperial Avenue.


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