The race for the NBA title

We have now completed a quarter of the season. Sensations and surprises should already be passed. This will allow us to draw our first conclusions about two of the best teams this season. It is possible and even probable that one of these named teams will become champions after the final round. If you want to visit the NBA games, visit CheapoTicketing. They will have tickets for every future game in the season. Let’s take a look at some of the best clubs in the league.

Phoenix Suns 

What is their current style? It is the most adaptable team in the league.

Phoenix is difficult to identify because the team is moving at a rapid pace. This is likely the only thing to be sure about their performance.


They are able to keep their high-tempo play (fourth in the league) with the assistance of Chris Paul, the team’s oldest player. The opponents still have their grudges about Bridges’ interceptions. Phoenix will look for other strategies if an early strike is unsuccessful. 


Phoenix can win without a top NBA center or a Booker and can find a way to beat Golden State. The Phoenix defense has no weaknesses, so even Ayton can go to the opposing side without losing quality.


What is the point of confusion? An entire squad that relies on Chris Paul can never feel secure and stable. Chris Paul’s current health status will be a worry, at least in the near future.


Take a look around the corner. Phoenix is stunning in its evolution, beautiful in game thinking, and beautiful to look at. They seem to be ready to handle any situation on the field.


We all know that Phoenix gathers a strong team once in a while, but they eventually depart for many reasons. No one is surprised if it happens again. Although we all believe it, there is no evidence to support that belief.

Golden State 

How good are they? They are so frightening that they resemble “Chicago.” Here, you will find the same chemistry that will make you love or hate them. With the same Stephen Curry, that is a threat on the field. Only, he is more experienced and plays a better defensive style. The greatest Draymond Green is an important player who improves teams performance by strengthening the defense. Looney can not only defend but also win ball exchanges with almost everyone. The legendary Andre Iguodala is right here, and he is capable of nearly everything. 


Golden State is entertaining and tedious to watch at the same time.


The team plays fantasy basketball. It’s fun but tedious because sometimes games deteriorate into an absurd comedy.


What is their style of play? To have fun! The Golden State Warriors are not only effective, but they also have spectacular gameplay.


Golden State is the leader in assists, with more than 29 per game. They continue to run at an aggressive tempo and throw the most. This is, in many ways, the resurrection of the most exciting, lethal offense of recent decades. 


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