What documents are needed for a verification account in an online casino?

Why do we need verification and identification of the identity of the players. List of documents for verification. New online casino security systems.

How to verify your identity in an online casino

Gambling establishments use a player identification system to ensure maximum security and confidentiality of data on the site. This allows you to safely play for real money in online casinos in Canada without the possibility of losing personal data or funds due to a hacker attack. In this article, we will talk about what is needed to identify a user and verify his account.

Player Verification: KYC

Today, reputable establishments use the so-called KYC system – Know Your Client. This is a set of operations aimed at identifying the identity of the players. The purpose of multi-level checks is to combat money laundering. In an online casino, this system of assessments is used to determine the identity of the account owner and prevent data theft after receiving a login and password. You can read more about this system here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Know_your_customer.

Through the use of this system, operators allow players to play online casinos to win real money safely. In addition, checking official documents to verify the player’s identity reduces the risk of losing honestly earned winnings or money laundering, which the scammers on the sites of online clubs are not afraid of.

Another task of the KYC procedure is to identify accounts created by underage users. As you know, in Canada, it is allowed to play for real money for those users who have reached the age of 21 years. Using the system, it is easy to check the duplication of accounts and users who have added an account to the list of self-excluded. Thus, KYC not only detects fraudulent activities but also helps protect your data, details of financial services, and real money on portal sites from our list of online casinos for real money.

What documents are needed to verify an account?

You already understand that the procedure for identifying players is needed so that the gambling establishment with the best online gambling for real money can check the honesty of your actions and games on the site. To do this, prepare the following documents:

  • Passport, ID card, or driver’s license – to determine the identity of the player with your photo.
  • Utility bills for the last three months will check your address of residence.
  • Bank statement, photo of all sides of the bank card with closed average numbers – to verify payment methods.
  • Selfie allows you to identify yourself with a passport in hand and confirm the ownership of the account.

Is it safe to upload documents to an online casino site?

If you want to win real money in gambling online, choose a casino from our list at Casinoscanada.best. In addition, there are available license portals checked by our experts. They guarantee not only the honesty of the gameplay but also maximum confidentiality.

You cannot worry about your own documents by uploading them to the site. Data is stored on secure servers that exclude leakage or interception of information; information is transmitted in encrypted form, thanks to SSL technology. Even if your information gets to the scammers, they will receive an incoherent set of characters that cannot be used for financial or other purposes.

When should documents be sent?

Often, gambling establishments open the possibility of verification immediately after registration. However, this procedure is not mandatory. Therefore, players can start replenishing their accounts, choosing gambling games to play for money, and getting pleasant gambling emotions.

Users may be prompted to verify their account during the first withdrawal of winnings. Therefore, prepare documents initially to speed up the process of studying your data. An online casino may require identification by documents earlier if it suspects fraudulent activity in your account.

Pay N Pay System

The new and efficient Pay N Play system provides uninterrupted access to online casino games. It is owned by the Swiss company Trustly, which offers convenient online payments. In addition, the security system allows players to not even register in the traditional sense of the process. Instead, it is enough to enter your data from your Trustly account and replenish your account.

Thus, you will not fill out essential fields of the questionnaire on gambling sites for a long time. Just connect your online banking and start playing. That is, the bank itself is checking the user and verifying your data. Therefore, you will not even need to upload documents to pass identification in KYC. But this does not mean that gambling establishments get rid of the right to request your documents in case of suspicious activity. But this process is infrequent where the secure Pay N Play system is used.

We want to remind you of the importance of playing responsibly. Control your spending by playing only on available finances without the risk of going bankrupt. Do not rush to recoup and use betting tactics.


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