What is a Wager in Online Casino?

Are you a gambling enthusiast who wants to learn more things? Or are you a newly inquisitive person trying to get into this exciting field? And, even if you have stumbled upon this post accidentally, then you might want to stick around till the last word. It is no news that betting events have been in existence for thousands and thousands of years. These activities are still in trend even after such a long period, making this genre a lot more fascinating. People talk limitlessly about related topics like poker, casino, slots, horse racing, and more. Terms like betting and gambling are the most heard by both the players and non-players. However, one might not have heard much when it comes to the word ‘wager.’ 

A wager is a wholesome topic in itself and should not be confused with other gambling jargon. Find an easy explanation in the subsequent paragraphs comprehensively about the Wager, wagering requirements, and more.

Wager definition

In the simplest words, Wager is a bet placed by the interested players. The deposit or amount transferred by a bettor can be taken to be the Wager for the particular event. It can be done for a round of cards, dice games, spinning the wheel of reels, horse racing, sports betting, or other gambling events. It can either be the stake for one round individually or collectively throughout the day.

Now, moving on, there is a dire need to learn another term that is Wagering Requirements. Especially, those who wish to encash their winnings from betting events must heed attention here.

  • When a player wins a casino, slot, sport, poker, or other similar games, they get a reward for the same. 
  • The amount so won does not come as real money straight away. Yes, it may sound to be a bit disappointing and alarming, but it is true. 
  • So, what happens is that the game reward, jackpots, and any other gains from gambling are transferred to the player’s account as mere numbers first. 
  • Now, the player will have to fulfill certain playing conditions before becoming eligible to convert the digital numbers to real money.

Such conditions are usually in the form of the minimum number of multipliers a bettor has to pass. These are called Waging Requirements. 


How do wager requirements work?

It may vary from host to host, game to game, or other elements of the gambling. However, the fundamental idea behind all of them remains more or less the same. Wagering Requirements are usually expressed in numbers of multipliers. Multipliers are the minimum number of times a bettor will have to play the defined game or round to encash their previous winnings. 

Whenever a winner tries to convert the digital prize into real cash, they must pass the multiplier condition or the Wagering Requirement. It means if there is a multiplier of 10x, the player will have to bet for 10 times more than the amount they seek to withdraw. It might seem to be a concerning issue, but it might not be as problematic as one may misperceive it. The amount is usually frozen in the player’s account until the time passes the Wagering Requirement but for a defined duration.


Calculating your Wager

It is not rocket science to understand the calculation behind Wagering Requirement. One has to multiply the corresponding number with the amount they wish to withdraw. 

Amount/Bonus to Withdraw x Wagering Requirement = Bet to be made

Let’s elaborate and clear the things with an example. You won $50 from any gambling activity. Now, when you proceed to withdraw the amount, you are prompted with the need to fulfill the Wagering Requirement of 10x (10 multipliers). It means that you will have to spend $500 on the specified games before you can withdraw the reward won already.

Some hosts may also take into consideration the first deposit. More terms and conditions might also vary from website to website. So, always go through the policies beforehand to avoid a sorry situation for yourself.


Choosing an appropriate game to meet WR

Do not fret about meeting and not meeting the Waging Requirements. It should not be something that prevents a passionate player from gambling. Millions of people are into this that end up getting real cash successfully. The only need is to incorporate the guidelines and employ some strategies into it. Some of the tips are pointed out below:-

  • One of the foremost things to understand is that different games may have different multipliers. So, keep in check the right WR every time to not end up trying hard in the wrong direction for nothing.


  • The trick here would be to select the eligible and big games to meet the Wagering Requirement. Before beginning to play, always see how much will the intending game contribute towards your WR or the multiplier. It is better to play those games that have a higher contribution.


  • It is a regular practice that slot games contribute 100% while casinos may do around 50%. But, it is not a straightjacket rule. So, always see for changes with the betting host by reading their terms and conditions keenly.

Remember, if a player fails to fulfill the Wagering Requirement, they cannot convert their winning amounts into real cash. Thus, it is essential to meet the WR or the multiplier condition to get the most of your betting winnings for real. Be sure to  try your strategy for free on Slot Online casino before you try playing for real money.



Betting at an online casino malaysia is all about making money from money. It might not be as smooth as it seems to be. However, it is indeed gaining much limelight and has been in existence from ancient times. Thus, it reflects how much people prefer these activities even today. The only need is to adhere to the regulating laws and follow the rules laid by the gambling hosts. There will always be something for everyone here. So, know what suits you the best and have fun.


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