What to do While Sitting at Home During Quarantine Period

The new global pandemic has hit the whole world, changing our way of life. WHO has given out guidelines on battling the dreaded coronavirus. These measures include a ban on gatherings, social distancing, and quarantine at home. You may now be faced with the question of what to do during the coronavirus period of quarantine at home. We had an interactive session with Conrad Brennan, who recommended the following activities to do at home during quarantine:

Play online casino games

With the closure of some of the venues that host gatherings, including bars, land-based casinos, and entertainment spots, it Is impossible to hit the casino and play your favorite game. However, thanks to the internet, there now exist numerous online casinos.

Not only are these casinos convenient, but regulated by the Canadian government. From the convenience of your house, you can register in any online casino and start playing online blackjack. The online casinos also feature free games where beginners can play for free while learning the game.

These online casinos offer numerous games to players, all that would be found in the land-based casinos. These online games are a great tool of entertainment and a way to earn money. However, it is advisable for you, the gamer, to choose legitimate casinos as many scam casinos exist. Relying on expert advice from online casino Canada can help you land at reputable casinos. 

 Start a blog

The coronavirus pandemic has led to many people being removed from the office and work from home. This is a great opportunity to start a blog as many people have a lot of time in their hands and may need to be entertained by reading blogs.

Since a blog is an informative article that you publish online, you need to look for content that can fascinate readers. There exist numerous blog startup tutorials which you can watch and see how to develop a successful blog. Not only is blogging an entertainment activity but also one which makes you money as it continues to grow. Bloggers earn money by advertising and marketing on their platforms. 

Starting A YouTube Channel

Watching YouTube has been one of the approaches that people use to relieve stress in quarantine. YouTube is now the world’s largest video hosting platform. Not only is it an entertainment provider but also a platform that can make you real money. Creating a YouTube channel is free, only requiring you to fill in your details. 

Being a YouTuber makes you popular at the same time earning you money. All that you require to do is develop content that viewers can relate to. This earns your views and followers, which translates to the monetization of your content. 


Sleep is often neglected and viewed as an activity for the lazy. This is not true as sleep is one of the most vital processes in a human being. Sleep helps the body to repair itself and strengthen your immune system. With WHO advocating for staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to ensure you have adequate sleep. Adequate sleep involves you sleeping for at least 7-9 hours. Remember sleep is therapy for your body, and you need it now more than ever


Exercising plays an essential role in ensuring normal body functioning. Gyms have been closed due to government restrictions, but you can also exercise alone in your house. This calls for discipline and having goals so as not to get bored in the process of exercising. Being at home may pose the challenge of overeating and, ultimately, obesity. Setup your personal training schedule and ensure you exercise regularly

Listen to music

Studies have shown that music is a great tool in improving human being’s mental health. In the past, it has been called food to the soul. Music is an entertaining distraction that makes you relaxed and helps you avoid stress. Be sure to download or stream your preferred music during quarantine, as this goes a long way in improving your mental health

Chat with strangers

However weird it may sound, chatting with people you do not know is therapeutic. There exist many applications online where you can meet, chat and facetime with strangers. This helps you make new friends and helps you feel you are not alone  

Do not get bored during the quarantine period. Indulge in any of the above activities and ensure you keep yourself entertained.


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