What You Need To Know When Buying a Ticket To Business Class In Europe

To travel around Europe, people who value their own comfort and convenience choose business class. After all, with popular booking services you can buy business class tickets to Europe 


Yes, a ticket in business class is several times more expensive than standard economy class. But at the same time you do not have to spend extra money for large luggage, do not waste extra time on check-in and you can count on a premium service.


We’ve covered the basic nuances you need to know before you buy business class tickets to Europe.


Airfare is not always very expensive


Some travelers may be surprised by this judgment. But in fact it really is. If you keep track of interesting offers and buy tickets in advance, you can save well on a flight in business class. Even on expensive flights, airlines offer nice discounts. 


Keep track of great deals in special airline ticketing apps. Or on the official websites of airlines. You can often find good deals that help you save a great deal on your flight.


It happens that airlines a few days before departure offer to change to a better class for a small surcharge. So don’t forget to check your e-mail with promotional newsletters, so you won’t miss a good deal. 


When is the best time to book a ticket to Europe?

Business class is available on many European flights. In Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and other countries that have access to the sea and the ocean the main peak flight time is in summer. In spring and autumn to these countries you can fly cheaper and not see a lot of tourists.

For ski resorts in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Finland the main demand is in winter, especially at Christmas and New Year. In order to save money, you can fly to these countries before or after the holidays, in early December or late February. 


How important is it to book tickets in advance?


For airline tickets the following rule applies: the earlier you book, the cheaper and the more choice of comfortable seats. It is advisable to plan your trip at least 2-3 months in advance. For some of the most popular destinations it is worth buying tickets even 5-6 months in advance. Booking tickets as close as possible to the departure date will cost an order of magnitude more. This is how the system works in many airlines around the world.


Do not try to buy a plane ticket for a specific date. Literally every day airfare changes. To compare, look at ticket prices a couple of days earlier and a couple of days later than your approximate dates. The difference in price may surprise you.


Can I change from economy class to business class inexpensively?


Many airlines offer passengers such an option as Upgrade. This is an automatic competition for bargains. Through the airline’s website or app, you can get the opportunity to upgrade to business class for a small surcharge. The passenger indicates the data of his ticket in another class and offers his price for the opportunity to move to a higher class. Important prerequisite: Upgrade must be on the company’s list of services and there must be available seats in business class. 


Maximum attention when booking a ticket

It is very important that you enter all information correctly when booking your ticket. Make sure that you enter the date, first and last name, and arrival point correctly. This is the most important information about each passenger. If there are mistakes on the ticket it can be very difficult. Some airlines have strict conditions and do not allow to make changes on the air ticket. Or provide such an opportunity, but only for extra money. 


Study the list of services provided


Unfortunately, some airlines pass off as business class what it is not. But the price is set as for real business class. Pay attention to the layout and size of seats, the quality of food, the level of lounges, priority check-in and priority access to the plane out of turn. True business class is easily distinguished by the high level of service and priority customer service. 


Is there only one business class?


It is not uncommon for airlines to have more than one type of business class. For example, there may be business class and first class. They differ from each other in level of service, comfort and price. Sometimes it happens that the difference between classes is minimal. Therefore it makes no sense to pay more.


Conclusion. Flying business class to Europe is a great choice for your own comfort when traveling. By sticking to the simple guidelines for buying business class airline tickets you can get high class service at an affordable price. 




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