What`s The Difference Between SR-22 and SR-50 Insurance? 

The obligation to take out so-called SR22 Insurance makes it impossible for some drivers to take out cheap car insurance at Illinois. This requirement, however, is very confusing and leads to questions such as: What is Insurance under SR22? Or what is an SR50? What is the difference between the two, and when and why should I have them as a driving audience member?

Such questions need answers for drivers who want to get back on track. In this post, we’ll try to provide them for you.

What Is An SR22?

What is known as SR22 Insurance is in no way certain. Instead, an SR22 is a document applied to the insurance policy and deposited with the government of the State. It is always a good idea to make sure that you have an expert whom you can ask questions like Does Car Insurance Cover Windshield Damage to ensure you know the insurance you are getting. The certificate indicates you have enough car insurance to meet State minimum 25/50/20 exposure.

When Do You Need An SR22?

If requested by a judge or state government, you must obtain SR22 insurance. If the court orders that, the judge must notify you during a hearing about your specifications. You will typically receive a letter from DMV if you are requested by the Police.

Most drivers don’t have to submit an SR22 to the State, but usually, it’s required if they caught you driving without a valid driver’s license or Insurance. Other reasons a driver should send an SR22 to the State might include:

  • DUI conviction / DWI conviction
  • A penalty for reckless driving
  • Be involved in uninsured accidents
  • Too many mistakes and accidents
  • Repeat infringements within a short time
  • Requirement to receive a check license or challenge certificate
  • Requirement to reinstate your driver’s license following suspension or revocation

How Do You Get An SR22?

Call your insurance company to get an SR22. If you already have auto insurance, you need not purchase a new policy. You should actually add SR22 to an existing policy, and your insurer must forward the form to the State. A copy of the SR22 certificate will also be issued.

You need to take out a policy if you don’t have auto insurance, but not all companies offer SR22 coverage. Accurate Insurance provides SR22 coverage, and we’ll be pleased to work with you to complete the process.

How Much Does An SR22 Cost?

Insurance firms usually charge around $25 for a one-time SR22 processing fee.

Unfortunately, the insurance premiums are influenced by the breach that SR22 demands, not SR22 itself. It is that significantly because you are now considered a high-risk rider.

How Long Does The SR22 Last?

The SR22 certificate is valid for three years, in Illinois and Indiana. When you cancel your auto insurance when the SR22 is in place, your company will need to notify the State. The State will suspend your driving rights and can’t restore them until you renew your Insurance.

What Is Indiana’s SR50?

It’s getting really frustrating here. Although most states, including Indiana, have applications for SR22, Indiana is the only one needing a filing for SR50. Unlike SR22, SR50 is a document added to the policy, and it states that you have state minimum insurance responsibility.

In Indiana, the Motor Vehicles Department (BMV) must check that all drivers have the 25/50/25 state minimum liability insurance that they are in:

  • Infringement of a transfer within one year of sustaining two more traveling injuries.
  • A severe accident, such as a crime or a serious offense.
  • Mobile breach of a driver previously suspended for failure to demonstrate financial responsibility.

If you are unable to provide proof of responsibility as an Indiana driver at the time of your violation, your license will be suspended for one year. To recover your driving rights, you will need to pay a $150-$300 reinstallation fee. The insurance agent also has to provide an SR50 (Current Insurance Affidavit) to the BVM.

Conversely, if you are found guilty by a particular court or policy breaches, an Indiana driver may be asked to apply to his insurer to request an SR22 to provide evidence of liability insurance for the next three years.

And this is the principal difference between the SR50 and the SR22. The SR50 is evidence of current liability insurance, while the SR22 provides proof of current and future liability insurance coverage.


To keep the insurance rate moderate, it is best never to have an SR22 requirement. Stay away from anything that pushes you to either get SR22 or SR50. But if they need to arise, you don’t have to worry, contact your insurance company and it’ll be offered at a low price.



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