Where in New York City Would It Make Sense to Construct a Casino? Here’s What We Know! 

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When it comes to legalized gambling in the United States, New York is one of the last big frontiers. It is the centerpiece of a metropolitan area with over 23 million population, making it an attractive target for casino firms.

They may soon obtain what they were seeking for.

Casinos similar to those in Las Vegas were first approved by New York voters in 2013. Because of how much is at stake, getting this approved will take some time.


When will the locations of the casinos be revealed?

It has been stated by the state agencies in charge of gambling that no decisions will be taken “until sometime later in 2023 at the earliest.”

When will applications be available to be submitted?

The registration period began in early January. Now is the time for casinos and developers to submit formal bids.


How significant is local backing?

Strong local opposition can kill a casino plan before it reaches state officials for review.

There will be public hearings and a formal finding on the level of support for the proposed casino issued by a local Community Advisory Committee, which will be constituted for each application.

Site-specific local committees in New York City would consist of six people:

  • Two appointees each from the state and city governments
  • The state legislature
  • The state assembly
  • The borough president
  • The city council

Before applying to state authorities, be sure at least two-thirds of the committee members are on board with the plan.


How does Mayor Eric Adams feel about having casinos in the city?

Mr. Adams has spoken favorably of casinos in general and Monaco in particular after his trip there following his victory in last year’s Democratic primary.

A potential economic boon, he told reporters in March that two casinos should be built in New York City.

The mayor has close ties to the sector. After his role as chairman of the Gaming, Racing, and Wagering Committee in the New York State Senate got him involved in a scandal involving selecting a provider for video lottery machines at the Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens, he found himself in the middle of the controversy. His “exceedingly poor judgment” in socializing with lobbyists and accepting campaign contributions from people connected to the bidders was cited in a report by the state inspector general in 2010.

The Queens racino is the largest employer of hotel workers, so the Hotel and Gambling Trades Council recently changed its name to reflect the expansion of its membership into the gambling industry. A union lobbyist co-managed a super PAC that helped elect Mr. Adams as mayor.


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