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Why the Wolf Run Slot Game Set the Benchmark for Online Slots

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If you’ve played a lot of slot games in your time, then you have probably heard of Wolf Run. This game was huge back in the day. It was in every casino, it was available digitally for Macs and PCs, and it is still floating around today in online casinos. 

There is no doubt that the Wolf Run slot game set the benchmark for online slots, and it did so for these reasons:  

History of Slot Games

Slot machine games have been around for over a hundred years. The first slot machine was reportedly invented back in 1891, and the game has been delighting people ever since. Of course, things changed in 1976, when the first video slot was unveiled. 

Today slot games are flashy, digital, and can be played both in a casino and online. As you can imagine, these digital slot games have had quite a learning curve. Like special effects, video games, and other forms of digital entertainment, slots have come a long way from their early days. 

You can find more info about Wolf Run slots and how well it has held up to today’s standards (and how it hasn’t) from realmoneyslots.info.

How Wolf Run Slot Game Has Set the Benchmark 

This slot game that set the benchmark is known as Wolf Run. It was released over a decade ago buy the only female developer at the time at IGT. It was an immediate hit. It was so popular that it was featured in every casino. Then in 2010, it was released as a boxed game for people to enjoy at home whenever they wanted, and later in 2012, it was released online. Never before has a slot game received such treatment, making it instrumental in the history of video slot games. 

The Wolf Run Slot Game Today 

Slot games have changed considerably over the years. The first video slot came out back in 1976. Try to compare that first video slot game to today’s, and you will be easily frustrated both at the lack of great graphics and how hard it is to play. 

Though The Wolf Run Slot Game was hugely popular in the past, it similarly does not hold up to today’s standards. It is great for those who wish to relive the good old days. However, in terms of user friendliness and just how much fun you can have when playing it, you will find it lacking. 

If you have already played the game and want to remember those good old times, then play to your heart’s content. If this is your first time, however, and you were excited because you heard of all its laurels, then read that review beforehand to set your expectations appropriately, especially with how high tech slot games are becoming popular. You will likely find it similar to other slot games except for the absence of a pay-table and good graphics. 

How it holds up today, however, does not detract from just how instrumental it was to the video slot game world. It will always have a place in our hearts, but perhaps not on our “must play” lists. 


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