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Letters to the Editor 10-5-17

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Elephant brain

Dear ER:

I read with interest the comments from the elephant in the room Redondo resident concerning traffic mitigation in the south bay (“Elephant traffic,” ER Letters Sept. 28, 2017). Redondo Ron’s idea of using the AES power corridor to alleviate traffic makes sense only because it seems to be the only way left to alleviate traffic, short of getting rid of about five thousand condos in the compacted beach areas. Has anyone else thought of proposed idea? It seems that we are in a point in time where nothing we do will really improve traffic. We have really painted ourselves into a corner, that corner being the ocean and Palos Verdes.

Alyse Reynolds

By email


Dark Aroma

Dear ER:

I often eat at this Roman Aroma Cafe the review was overly negative and inaccurate (“Category breaker,” ER 7. 2017). It seemed the author wanted to make it a point of pointing out a negative alongside every positive, but emphasizing the negative. He didn’t not like the menu, the service format or the decor. He had complaints about just about every dish they tried. The highlight of this cafe was not even mentioned — that is it is a cafe/coffee shop that serves more than just pastries and sandwiches. The South Bay has plenty of nice cafes but most only offer pastries. A few offer a small selection of salads and basic sandwiches. Roman Aroma is a place where you can get lasagna, prosciutto salads, salmon bagel breakfasts and more. This is the reason I go here. I don’t always want to be limited to a coffee and a muffin when I need to sit down with wifi and get to work. Even the picture seemed to be adjusted darker as the cafe is a very bright space. Jason Kuska

Hermosa Beach


Mermaid memories

Dear ER:

I was greatly saddened when I read about the closing of the Mermaid restaurant in Hermosa Beach. (“Uncertainty following Mermaid closure,” September 7, 2017) It was a well-established fixture in the culture of Hermosa for the over 60 years it was operated by former Hermosa Mayor “Boots” Thelen and his family. It was truly a locals spot with a laid-back atmosphere, fine dining at reasonable prices, great friends and a watering hole that never ran dry. I frequented it often. What a loss. At the same time, I was outraged at the reference to it as a “dive bar” in two other local newspapers. That is certainly what it became, courtesy of its new owner. I guess if his business model was based on pricey booze and sweaty flesh, that’s what he got. And if the loss of $50,000 in parking lot fees, the absence of a large window facing the ocean (most of the Mermaid windows already did), or not being able to hire a DJ caused the demise of his business, then maybe he should devote his business skills to a more appropriate location, like Downey or Paramount. Now that would be a clear positive for the Pier Plaza and us locals who enjoy living here.

Lance Widman

Hermosa Beach


Senior broadside

Dear ER:

The Beach Cities Health District is planning a massive senior residential project at their site at Beryl, Flagler and Prospect avenues (“Beach Cities Health District design-build bill awaits Brown’s signature,” ER Sept. 21, 2017). This is a mostly R-1 neighborhood. I am guessing most people don’t know this because the rendering shows only a random parking structure atop a first floor gym at the corner of Beryl and Flagler. There is no sign of the 400 units of residential they’re planning. There are many questions to be answered about this project. Have soil samples been done at Beryl and Flagler, where not so long ago there were pumps drilling for oil? Who is paying for the project? BCHD is partly funded by tax dollars, so we should be fully informed and have a say. How exactly will AB 994, if the governor approves it, actually make the project cheaper and faster by cutting out the bidding part of construction, as the authors of the bill assert? Do we need yet more senior housing, when we already have at least four times as many as our neighboring beach cities? Attend the meetings (City Council and BCHD) and ask questions before we’re broadsided by more unnecessary development.

Lara Duke

Redondo Beach


Share the seniors

Dear ER:

How about building the 400 units of senior housing in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, or Torrance (“Beach Cities Health District design-build bill awaits Brown’s signature,” ER Sept. 21, 2017). There’s already too much senior housing in Redondo Beach In fact, there is already too much multi-unit residential housing in Redondo Beach.

Suzanne McCune

Redondo Beach


One track voters

Dear ER

We want to urge Hermosa Beach residents not to be single issue voters during the Nov. 2 city council election. The current council was elected primarily on the “oil issue” and look what is happening. The council spends and spends and spends. Let’s vote for council candidates who will not simply implement what the city employees want to do and who promise to pull back on anything that raises taxes. City employees seeking government grants are creating “make-work projects” that we do not need or want. Perhaps the council needs to explore reducing the size of the city staff and needs to learn how to say “No” to them in order to become fiscally responsible. We are afraid that Hermosa is headed down the road to bankruptcy.

Robert and Lois Morgan

Hermosa Beach


Character wins

Dear ER,

Mira Costa Football clearly needs a coaching change (“Mira Costa earns first win on the gridiron,” ER Sept. 28/ 2017. The program has lost several strong football players, including three all-conference players to other programs because of the coaching style of Coach Don Morrow and Defensive Coach Ray Lee. The current senior class, which won the conference as freshman, has only 12 players from the original team that did so well. It’s time for the district and the school to re-instill good character to the program.

Tom Loversky

Manhattan Beach


Not too late for some

Dear ER:

Rock the Spectrum is a wonderful place to take your children (“Drummers ready to Rock the Spectrum,” ER Sept. 28, 2017). As the mother of a grown, special needs son, I can see the true value of this place. I wish it had been available many years ago.

JoAnne Pine

Facebook comment


Action versus vision

Dear ER:

We don’t need more “visionary” projects (“Campbell tries to merge ‘vision’ with realism,” ER Sept. 28, 2017). We need our sewers fixed. Mary Campbell will not be getting my vote in the Nov. 2 Hermosa Beach city council election.

Lorie Armendariz

Hermosa Beach


Council asset

Dear ER:

Mary Campbell will be a great asset to the Hermosa Beach city council. Good luck Mary. I am rooting for you.

Simone Caffo

Hermosa Beach


Loretto amor


Dear ER:

I love Loretto and their people (“Hermosa Beach and Loreto: sister cities standing together,” ER Sept. 28, 2017). I was part of the exchange program in 1977. As an 8th grader, it really opened my eyes to what a privileged life we live, yet how much we all had in common. I’m so glad Hermosa Beach is continuing this relationship.

Gladys P.

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