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Letters to the Editor 11-23-17

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Contact conduct

Dear ER:

They say if you’re not mad you’re not paying attention. On Tuesday, the Redondo Beach City Council was faced with the opportunity to remove planning commissioner Marc Mitchell due to a verbal threat he allegedly made to Mayor Bill Brand. It was brought to public attention by a citizen who witnessed it and was justifiably disturbed. Councilmember Christian Horvath said  he needed more information, as if the statement from the Mayor and witness wasn’t enough. I was taken aback by Councilmember John Gran’s statement that “it’s a personal issue.”  I was disgusted by Councilmember Laura Emdee stating the Mayor asked for this by ‘stirring the pot’.  This vile behavior is never excusable. Anyone defending it is unfit for office. It’s obvious the City of Redondo Beach needs a Code of Conduct, focused on ensuring employees, elected officials and commissioners are held accountable for misconduct.

This begs the question, “Why are Emdee, Gran and Horvath ignoring the people who testified to remove Mitchell?”  It’s because Mitchell represents King Harbor developer CenterCal. These political ties are so ingrained that they can’t even make a moral decision on their own. The three  Councilmembers mentioned above are unfit for office if they’re unable to recognize a threat and act immediately to remove it.

Candace Nafissi

Redondo Beach


Healthy concern

Dear ER:

I have been a long time admirer, participant and fan of the Beach Cities Health District. Under former CEO Susan Burden’s leadership and the partnership with the Blue Zones Project, the excellent reputation of this organization grew and put it on the map. When I first heard of the proposed Healthy Living Campus back in May, I was excited about upgrades to the gym including a new pool, as well as shade trees, gardens and walking paths for the Silverado residents and the childcare center. I was lulled into a false sense of security. When I saw the initial renderings of the huge, institutional style buildings, I was shocked. My trust was further eroded when I found out (almost as an afterthought on their part) that building 400 new residences was part of the HLC. Any proposed senior housing needs to be affordable, with priority given to Beach Cities residents, and the  400 units scaled back. The structures must also fit in with the surrounding neighborhood. As Beach Cities residents, it’s our responsibility to stay informed, communicate concerns and hold the elected BCHD board of directors accountable to continue adding value to our quality-of-life.

Lisa Youngworth

Redondo Beach


Enough with sharrows

Dear ER:

The sharrows are a joke in Hermosa Beach. (“Bicycle sharrows, routes to be added citywide in Manhattan Beach,” ER Nov. 9, 2017). Poorly signed and striped, they are a disservice to drivers who now yield to the 6 percent who ride bikes. The current 3-foot DMV law is enough already.

Dennis Duke Noor

Hermosa Beach


Sheriff sense

Dear ER:

Common sense is a rare commodity and Sheriff McDonnell has that in spades (“Sheriff McDonnell visits local Rotarians, addresses sanctuary city opposition.”)

Paul T. Isley III

Manhattan Beach

Brotherly love


Dear ER:

Bill Klauer is my beloved baby brother (“Hermosa Beach surfer rescued after breaking neck in large Manhattan Beach swell,” ER Nov. 16, 2017).Thank you Scott Whitehead and Sean Whorley for hearing my brother and coming to his rescue. We cannot thank you enough with words…may God bless you always.

Jeanette Martinez


Neighborly love

Dear ER:

Great work, guys. I grew up surfing 1st St., Manhattan Beach (“Hermosa Beach surfer rescued after breaking neck in large Manhattan Beach swell,” ER Nov. 16, 2017). This reaction and rescue by our locals doesn’t surprise me. South Bay doing what we do, loving our neighbors.

Greg Plant

Facebook comment


Fiesta vet

Dear ER:

As a recent transplant to the South Bay, I agree that the Hermosa Beach Fiesta should be kept alive rather than strangled (“Arts and crafting,” ER Nov. 16, 2017). It was one of the first events that drew my attention after moving nearby. At the same time the fiesta might benefit from some change. Maybe bring in fresh artists by giving a significant amount of space to first time vendors. While it’s nice to give longtime vendors preference, perhaps preferential locations should cost a premium. If the commercial vendors are making their costs back maybe raise their rates, allow higher bids for first preference. Do we really need two different Cutco vendors and I can’t count how many timeshare booths. Maybe one only of each commercial stall, highest bidder takes it. And sorry how many booths are just reselling clothes outsourced from producers that sell the same things on Amazon. The Chamber should do a bit more work on vetting the booths.

Fred Hiker

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Holding up the 25th Annual Beach Cities Toy Drive banner, flanked by Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach fire fighters, are former Hermosa councilman JR Reviczky, Tim Jones, Manhattan Councilman Richard Montgomery, Vicki Garcia, Peter Tucker, Ron Newman, Sandy Rohrbach, Manhattan Beach City Clerk Liz Tamura and Patricia Matson. Unwrapped toys may be delivered to Manhattan and Hermosa Beach fire stations, the Manhattan Beach City Hall and Plaza Bank, at 1419 Highland Ave., Manhattan Beach. For more information email BeachCitiesToyDrive@gmail.com


Students in Keren Hart’s kindergarten class at Hermosa Biew School letters of thanks to the Hermosa Beach police and fire departments last week. Fire Inspector Jim Heenan, Officer George Brunn and K9 Keef stopped by to collect the letters and discuss public safety with the students. Photo by Ryan McDonald


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