A Guide About Consolidated Moves You Must Refer

Moving is not cheap especially when it comes to long-distance moves. Now with the help of consolidated moves, you can easily save hundreds of your dollars while moving long distances. Every year, hundreds and thousands of moving queries are attended by the state to state moving companies associated with Pricing Van Lines and most of them are related to moving costs.

You must agree that one of the major elements that increase the cost of long-distance travel is fuel, right? the longer you travel the more fuel is consumed and hence the moving cost gets higher. However, with consolidated moves, this cost can be reduced. In Consolidated moves, you share the cost with others just like you do when you hire a shared cab. Let us have a look at how consolidated moves work to get a better understanding. 

How does a consolidated move work?

When a moving company like Elite Movers Miami loads the belongings of more than one person in the same truck to make the entire move more efficient as well as cost-effective for both the people, it is known as a consolidated move. This is done when both the customers of the moving company have the same destination and preferred moving dates. The number of clients who are sharing the same container depends on several things like their space needs and the time when they want the product to get delivered. Clients sharing the same container can be any in numbers.

 Besides cost-effectiveness, there are many other benefits of Consolidated moves. Let us discuss them in details with you:

 Benefits of the consolidated move 

  1. Cost-efficient 

One of the biggest benefits of a consolidated move is its cost efficiency as the customer can save a huge amount of travel expenses. Like in case if you are using only one half of the container space then you don’t have to pay full travel expenses of the container. The charges you have to pay will depend on the space that you book into the container. 

  1.     Reduce the risk of damage 

Even when we have advanced technology, the safety of belongings during shipping is one of the prime concerns that people have. The consolidated move reduces the risk of damage as the belongings do not get much space to move inside the containers as they are perfectly fit in the container. Moreover,  the freight will have to travel just at the shipper and the consolidated centre; therefore, the lesser the touchpoints are, the lesser is the risk of damage. Consult a freight company to guide you on the process.

  1.     Better control over the quality 

It allows you to have full control over your goods as you can yourself pack and load all your belongings into containers according to your preference. As soon as the product reaches the consolidated centre, you can collect the belongings. 

  1.     Simpler and effective 

Besides the fact that consolidated moves are the most cost-effective solution of moving, still, they are simpler as well as effective. You can easily book space in a container while sitting at your home and can get the items delivered at the location of the warehouse near to the location where you want to get the items delivered. 

 How to book space in a container online? 

Considering the advantages that a consolidated move offers, many people want to book space in containers online so they can shift their belongings at a lower cost. Have a look at the process of consolidated moves. 

  1. Online booking 

First of all, you have to search online for booking space in a container that is going to move in the same direction where you want to shift your belongings. Check out the available service provider options in your area and then choose the right one. Finalize a carrier and then confirm the same. After the completion of the online booking process, the carrier will provide a booking confirmation to you. 

  1.     Collection of your personal effects

Remember that each shipping line has its location to park empty containers. You have to decide which location is the right option for you to load your belongings in the container. Now it is time to collect all the belongings that you want to load into the container as the container is ready in the yard for loading. 

  1.     Transportation of belongings in a consolidated container 

At the same place, you have to transport all your belongings to load them into a consolidated container. For this, a specific time which is known as a stack period is given to the customer in which time he/she has to load all the belongings at their booked space. 

  1.     Customs regulations 

There are certain rules and regulations that each customer has to follow like there are certain items that can’t be loaded into a consolidated container so make sure you follow all the rules and regulations so that the process can be completed successfully. It is recommended you read all the terms and conditions that are written over there, follow all the conditions to make the shipping successful. 

  1.     Delivery of your items 

In the end, at your desired location of the consolidated center, you can collect all your belongings. Before you depart, make sure everything is correct and you have got all your belongings. 

  Whether you are moving to suburbs or a posh town, consolidated moves are a great option for a cheaper relocation. Now that you know everything about the option, why not reach out to your local movers and discuss the option.



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