About Town Redondo: E-bike meetings, rain, Pier substation

Thieves are popping out batteries from e-bikes left unattended. Photo by Kevin Cody

Police to hold two e-bike meetings

The Redondo Beach Police Department will hold two community e-bike meetings, the first on Thursday, Feb. 8, at Alta Vista Park at 6 p.m.

The “Talk Shop With Cops” event is to discuss, and educate residents about e-bikes, and gather community feedback about safety strategies.

The next meeting is March 7 at Anderson Park, also at 6 p.m.

Since fall 2022, the RBPD has run an education and enforcement effort for e-bikes, including production of a safety video, signboards, community engagement, social media, citations and warnings. 

In 2022, from April through December, 19 e-bike and 21 regular bike accidents were reported to Redondo police.  In 2023, through November, 15 regular bike and 21 e-bike accidents were reported. 


Public Works holds back the deluge

Public Works reports few problems from the recent onslaught of rainwater.

“We’re actually doing very well,” said Mike Klein, deputy Public Works director, on Tuesday. He noted that a possible storm drain issue on Susana Avenue was being monitored.

“Other than that, water is flowing just fine and we’re trying to keep ahead of it,” Klein said. 

City councilmembers thanked Public Works Tuesday night. Councilman Zein Obagi, Jr., noted that a city crew stayed through the night to pump water backed up at a bulb-out corner at Grant Avenue and Felton Street. 


More police, new roof for Pier

A new roof is coming to the Redondo Beach Police substation at the Pier, to be installed in time for the building to be used this summer.  

It’s meant to help the RBPD to increase its presence at the Pier. City councilmembers approved $88,387 for the roof work, to replace deteriorating metal underneath the shingles. The project is estimated to take six weeks, barring weather delays, and will require scaffolding extending to the walkway/bikeway below. 

The new police department program to increase its quality of life team visibility at the Pier began last week. ER


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