About Town Redondo: Loewenstein’s words, AES statement, hate-speech flyers

District Two Redondo Beach City Councilman Todd Loewenstein speaks in the Oct. 13 NBC News Now broadcast.

Loewenstein:  “must and will do better” in words

City Councilman Todd Loewenstein made a statement at the start of the council’s regular meeting Tuesday, referencing his appearance on a national NBCNews Now report about proposed development of the Redondo Beach AES plant and affordable housing.

“Some of the phrasing I used didn’t sit well with some members of the community… I’ve listened and reflected a lot over the last few days.” he said. “I must and will do better for all of you, and give greater care in my words.”

“I sincerely apologize to anybody I offended.”

Loewenstein represents District Two, which includes the AES site and part of the waterfront. The report broadcast in October. 

“Let me be clear, this great and special town is always open and welcome to everyone,” he said.


Dec. 13 school board meeting to be Keller’s last

The Redondo Unified school board will hold its closing meeting of the year Dec. 13, its last for retiring superintendent Steven Keller.

On Nov. 8, boardmember Dan Elder made a comment at the conclusion of the night’s agenda.

“I don’t want Dr. Keller’s final meeting to be uneventful, so I’d like to agendize for discussion a full-year school calendar,” Elder said, to laughter.

The December meeting will be the finale of Keller’s 16 years as superintendent.

“I have a feeling it’s not going to be uneventful,” said Board Chair David Witkin.


Council denounces local hate-speech flyers; supports people of Iran

The Redondo Beach city council passed a resolution 5-0 Tuesday to denounce hate-speech flyers posted before Halloween, for the second consecutive year. The flyers appeared in the area of Grant Avenue and Rindge Lane. 

They begin, “Due to the recent influx of black people into Redondo Beach, we no longer hand out Halloween candy.”

“This is not reflective of our community at all,” said Zein Obagi, Jr., District Four city councilman.

Redondo Beach Police have not found a perpetrator. The flyers were posted in the same area as last year.

Also Tuesday, the city council passed a resolution in support of the people of Iran, in their protests for equality between the sexes. 


AES comment on foreclosure notice

An article in last week’s Easy Reader, “AES owners served foreclosure notice,” stated that representatives of the AES corporation declined to comment on the filing against plant owner Leo Pustilnikov and a group of investors.

A statement from AES arrived after deadline, which is the following – from Mark Miller, AES Market Business Leader and General Manager of California:

“AES sold the approximately 50 acres of the Redondo Beach property, including the site of the Redondo Beach OTC (Once-Through-Cooling) units, in March 2020. AES Redondo Beach has a valid lease with the property owner under which we can operate the Redondo Beach OTC units through December 31, 2023. AES Redondo Beach is exercising its rights under the transaction agreements consistent with the goal of concluding the sale’s transaction.”


E-comments not to be read any more at city council

The Redondo Beach city council voted last week to discontinue the reading of e-comments during meetings, a practice begun at the onset of the pandemic. 

E-comments will still be accepted, and included in the record, but not read by Deputy City Clerk Vickie Kroneberger.

The vote was 4-1 to stop the readings, with Councilman Christian Horvath against the change, saying it is an appreciated, added venue for public input. Councilwoman Laura Emdee made a point that there was no way to verify that the names attributed to the comments are real people. 

Kroneberger read her last e-comment over the speakers in the council chamber Nov. 8, then was asked by City Councilman Zein Obagi, Jr., what she thought of the change.

“My broadcasting career is over,” Kroneberger’s voice said.ER


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