About Town Redondo: Nehrenheim on pro-tem flak; BCHD chooses partner; yacht merger

City councilman Nils Nehrenheim represents District One. Photo Courtesy of Nehrenheim's office

Nehrenheim responds to pro-tem flak

Because state law bars city councilmembers from responding to public comments on non-agenda items, District One Councilman Nils Nehreneheim has sat through some tough criticism from residents since the June 21 vote to make him Mayor Pro-Tem.

The decision was outside of an established rotation, which would have made Councilwoman Laura Emdee the next Mayor Pro-Tem.

So what does Nehrenheim think of the comments?

“Councilmember Emdee walked out of the (July 18) meeting and didn’t return. I think that sums up her leadership when she doesn’t get what she wants,” Nehrenheim said.

His answer referred to Emdee leaving last week’s meeting before a late vote to move the cannabis initiative from March 2023 to Oct. 19, 2022, pairing it with the Obagi recall. 

“It was a tactic. If I leave they don’t have a quorum,” said Emdee. “They outplayed me, and brought back Obagi (to make a quorum). My objection was that the extra cost of more than $100,000 for a special election was unnecessary and would cause voter confusion.”

Nehrenhenheim contends that the two ballot measures, together on their own date, better focus voter attention on the issues.

The mayor pro-tem vote was the same night Mayor Bill Brand announced he would take a step back to start a new treatment for his lung cancer. 


BCHD considers builder, operator for Healthy Living Campus 

A Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) subcommittee has recommended two companies as partners in the construction and operation of the proposed senior living center at the site of the former South Bay Hospital. 

The recommendation was to be considered by the BCHD board at Wednesday night’s regular meeting.  

After a thorough review process with input from citizens, we’ve identified a highly qualified senior living partner,” said BCHD CEO Tom Bakaly.

The two companies are San Diego-based real estate developer PMB, LLC, and Watermark, a Tuscon, Ariz.-based senior living operator. 

The BCHD board will review the recommendation and potentially finalize their choice at a special meeting in August. 

BCHD management worked with Cain Brothers, a healthcare investment banking firm, to prepare a Request for Proposal and evaluate and recommend qualified firms.  

Portofino Marina yacht brokerage business merges

Blue Pacific Yachts of Portofino Marina has merged with Shoreline Yacht Group of San Pedro, effective July 1. Blue Pacific, with five employees, has operated in Redondo Beach for more than 25 years. It will now be under the Shoreline name. 

The Redondo office will continue selling used yachts, reaching customers as far north as Oxnard and south to San Diego.

“At the beginning of Covid, anyone with money bought an R.V. or a yacht.,” said Jack Fitzpatrick, yacht salesperson. “It’s still (similar to) a seller’s market.” ER


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