Amazon AWS Certified Developer – Associate: Must-Have Certification in Today’s IT World. Get It with Exam Dumps from Exam-Labs!

The AWS Certified Developer – Associate certificate is a pathway for those individuals who want to get a development role and have the hands-on experience of AWS-based applications. This certification can help you build credibility, competency, and confidence. It also validates the Cloud experience on the professional level.

This Amazon credential is widely becoming a must-have for any tech person who is working on AWS. It can ensure that you will be in high demand by many companies and employers and you will be provided with a good salary. Amazonis periodically changing and evolving its platform, therefore, you should be able to keep your knowledge as relevant as possible.

In this article, we will guide you through the details and peculiar features of the AWS Certified Developer – Associate credential. Let’s begin with the skills and abilities you need for the certification test and your future job in case of the successful exam completion Amazon AWS Certifcation Dumps.

Abilities and Prerequisites

If you are a developer or a programmer, obtaining this Amazon certification can be an excellent addition to the skills and knowledge you already have. But if you are a beginner in the IT industry, it may be difficult because you need a couple of years of hands-on experience. Getting the required knowledge only with the help of guides and manuals will not be enough. But if you are ready to devote your time and efforts to step in IT and learn from your mistakes and failures, the AWS exam will be much easier for you.

The certification will stand as evidence to your learned skills and working knowledge of core AWS services, their usage, and the knowledge of the best practices of the AWS architecture. Along with the testimony of being competent and proficient in deploying, developing, and debugging procedures and processes of the Cloud-based applications. All in all, you should be able to fully understand the AWS service at the professional level.

Please note that for successful exam passing, you should have extensive and detailed knowledge of at least one high-level programming language. You should also be able to make use of APIs and AWS CLI along with SDKs to create applications. Having the working knowledge of app lifecycle management and CI/CD pipelines is also required. You need to be able to get along with AWS services, apply basic knowledge of Cloud-native apps to create code, as well as write, maintain, debug, and evaluate modules on AWS. And be competent in writing server application codes and understanding the containers used in the development process.

Exam Details and Preparation Process

To complete this Amazon certification test, you need 130 minutes of your time. You will be given multiple-choice and multiple-response questions that evaluate your skills in deployment, security, refactoring, monitoring, and troubleshooting. You need to get at least 720 points to pass the exam. The score range is 100-1000.

As for the exam topics, you need to explore all 5 main domains. The percentage of each of them is divided as follows:

  • Deployment – 22%,
  • Security – 26%,
  • Development with AWS Services – 30%,
  • Refactoring – 10%,
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting – 12%.

Make a plan with all the subjects and pay more attention to those topics that you know the least. And leave the rest to the second part of your preparation process.

To successfully pass this AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification exam, you should have practical skills in developing and maintaining the apps on the AWS platform. Do proper research and learn about this test, reading the official study guides can also help. You should be able to analyze your strengths and weaknesses accordingly and get in-depth knowledge of each topic. Try to cover each of them to increase your chances to succeed. Challenge your skills and expertise, try to pass practice tests. Know where you stand before taking the real exam.

Considering all the information above, you can see that you will need enough time for your exam preparation. Practical work and hands-on experience are crucial for better preparation, but you also need a bunch of good and reliable study materials. The Exam-Labs website can help you in this situation. There are multiple resources and prep tools that are meant to help you with acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to get ready for the Amazon certification test. Both free and premium files can be found on this platform. Exam-Labs ensures to provide the most updated and advanced content for your dynamic preparation process. Don’t be afraid to use them all. You can even find the certificates from other vendors here. It makes this platform useful, reliable, and convenient.

Benefits of Amazon Certification

After gaining the certificate, you can expect an increase in salary, a great improvement in the job-seeking and job market experience. It will create new pathways, the Amazon AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification validates your skills, your commitment to work, and shows your seriousness to your career. It can help you raise your self-esteem, have good networking related opportunities, and demonstrate your passion for technical knowledge.

As there are a limited number of people who hold the Amazon certification at this time, you can make this situation up to your benefit and explore the opportunities along with excellent salary packages. You will have an in-demand badge for putting up on your LinkedIn profile alongside your resume. And it will surely give you an advantage in a job interview.


Nowadays, Amazon AWS Certified Developer – Associate is an absolutely in-demand certification. That is why attaining it can be a life-changing experience with a lot of advantages in addition. If you want to enhance your current job position or you want to start your career and then boost it with new skills, it is your time. But the first step to your bright future –exam preparation – can be the longest one. So, prepare yourself with great deliberation, acquire the necessary skills, and pass the test to attain your Amazon certificate.


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