Around & About June 2023 Peninsula

Mika Nonaka. Photo by Junko Nonaka


Out of 820 proposals that were contributed for the Genes of Space 2023 Junior Scientist and Constellation Awards, only ten were selected as winners. After much conversation and debate, of the five Junior Scientist Awards and five Constellation Awards given, Mika Nonaka, 13 years old, from RPV was one of the Junior Scientist  Award recipients. Her topic was tracking modified lipoproteins and cytokines in microgravity relating to atherogenesis. Nonaka’s experiment seeks to explore the effects of microgravity on the way plaque forms and causes coronary artery disease in space. The purpose of the competition was for students to propose medically based experiments that utilize instrumentation on the International Space Station (ISS). The winning experiment will be performed by astronauts aboard the ISS. Her school will receive a prize package that includes a P51 Fluorescence Biotechnology Toolkit which is used for viewing molecules.  


The four cities of the PalosVerdes Peninsula have launched the Know Your Zone evacuation readiness website, The site houses Zonehaven, a cloud-based evacuation platform with pre-established, Peninsula-wiede evacuation zone maps. The zones will also help fire, police and other emergency service agencies prepare for emergencies, streamline the evacuation process, and reduce confusion by enabling a single verified source of emergency information. 

Residents, visitors, businesses, and school communities on the Peninslua should go to to find their evacuation zone. On the site, click “Find Your Zone,” enter an address in the search bar in the upper left courner of the zone map, and a pop-up window will open with the correspoding zone and emergency information. Residents are urged to save their location in a smartphone, or write it down where it will be easy to find in an emergency. Suggested locations are the refrigerator or near the front door. During an emergency, such as a wildfire or flood, the website and corresponding alerts will show which zones are under evacuation the moment an order is issued by authorities. 

On the sie, you can also sign up for Alert SouthBay, and alert system providing timesly, accurate emergency and warning notifications to the communities of the Palos Verdes Peninsula and greater South Bay region, depending on your subscription. 


Kristina, Olivia and Charlie Fisher. Photo by Stephanie Cartozian

+ South Coast Botanic Garden Dog Walking Day

Next dog walking day is May 28th at the South Coast Botanic Gardens and is typically the last Sunday of every month. Reservations are required to tour the 87 acre lush, super-bloom garden. Visit to learn more. 


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