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Around the country, by van to 30 Major League Baseball stadiums

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Cameron Bennett visits Citi Field in New York to video the Mets.

by Cara Martinez

Cameron Bennett has been on the road since June 20, traveling to Major League baseball stadiums across the country and making videos, podcasts and vlogs (video blogs) about his trip. Bennett’s goal is to visit all 30 stadiums.

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His vlogs are released twice a week. Bennett grew up in Redondo Beach and has been involved in baseball since he was a little kid. He played baseball at Azusa Pacific University, where he graduated with a double major in cinematic arts and business management.

“Through these videos, I wanted to express my love of the game and what it means to travel across the country by oneself,” he said.

As of the end of July, Bennett had been to 12 stadiums, including City Field, Coors Field, Busch Stadium, Minute Maid Park and Tropicana Field. The next stadium he was planning to visit was Yankee Stadium.

When he visits the stadiums he acts as if he’s giving a tour to someone who has never been there. He films with an iPhone, a GoPro and a Canon SLR, then chooses music that fits the city.

“One of my goals to get out of my comfort zone,” Bennett said. “I feel like a lot of people are held back by normality. I plan to come back with a lot of fun memories from each stadium and city.”

Bennett videos the players on the field, giving the box score and keeping track of the player’s stats in an excel sheet.

He begins his videos with a GoPro time-lapse of a landmark or movie reference. Top players get their stats recorded and he will buy their jerseys for his collection.

“I am not making the videos so a lot of people will watch them,” Bennett said. “I am making them because I want to make them the way I want to make them. Hopefully, people will enjoy them if they decide on watching them, but if they don’t watch them I am still going to make videos.”

Bennett’s  vlogs, Stadium videos, and the podcast videos may be viewed at CameronBennettBlog.WordPress.com.


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