Art Preview – “Hi Five”

Artwork by Michael Chomick
Artwork by Michael Chomick

Artwork by Michael Chomick

by Vy Nguyen

The “Hi Five” group art show, presented by Ego Fine Arts, is a modern mix of realism and urban street art, a combination that is both unique and enthralling for those who appreciate more diverse works of art.

When it comes to art galleries, it may seem like if you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all, but older fans and new fans alike have never before seen an art show like this.

Gallery owner John T. Cantu notes that when it comes to entertainment his guests do not have to worry. The opening will not only include intricate pieces of art work, but there will be live music by dub DJ Garret Salling and live performances.

“The show is a mix of local and international artists,” Cantu says. “A great crowd will be on hand. We will have a dub/reggae DJ and [also] two live art performances. One, an urban art performance by CMA Crew, and the other by the artist Booleep.”

Although the event aims to please and entertain, at the end of the day what is important to Cantu and his team is spreading awareness of art in a time where it can often be neglected, especially by the younger crowd.

“Smoking Guy,” by Booleep

“Smoking Guy,” by Booleep

What is so captivating about art is the fact that it is always growing and changing with the respective time periods. The gallery owner encourages those with a love for the arts to contact him if they are interested in being more than just a guest at a show.

“I also like to include new and emerging artists,” Cantu says. “If anyone is interested in participating in an exhibit, simply stop by the gallery with a sample of your work.”

Although this is their fifth group art show, it does not take away from the excitement that the opening brings. Aside from being entertained, guests of the gallery can enjoy refreshments courtesy of the gallery.

“We think the whole event will be exciting, for both artists and guests. Of course, an open bar and complimentary food without an admission as always.”

Every month the show brings in a larger crowd, and for all of those who speculate on this piece of information, John Cantu has something to say:

“Please come to the opening and see for yourself!”

The show features works from Booleep, Kazu Tabu, Michael Chomick, Angelina DArcy, Miguel Angelo, Thierry Derigon, Amina Humphrey, John T. Cantu, Rachel S. Jones, Sean Conniff, Melissa Kojima, Nino Mejia, Danny Inez, Alfredo Morales, Melissa Scheuerman, Gavin McGroggan, Ricardo Abbott, Willard Snow, Jimy Garcia, and Prem Singh Charan.

Ego Fine Art presents “Hi Five,” opening Saturday from 6:30 to 10 p.m., located at 604 North Francisa Ave., Redondo Beach. To learn more, go to




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