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Barfly: the return of Uncle Savros, gluwine, and Lou sings on the Pier

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What’s Old is New Again: We all get sentimental towards year end, don’t even try to be all macho about it, and I can open the food gates with this one: Listen up Hermosana, Uncle Stavros is back! That’s right! In the 70s, Uncle Stavros, opened up on Hermosa Ave, way down south near Mickey’s Deli at 2nd Street and Hermosa Ave. The infamous breakfast and lunch joint that served our surfers well for 20 plus years closed down in 2001 to become Blue Pacific and later Sushi Duke. Recently, Sushi Duke owner Sanjay and his crew moved south to their second location on Catalina Ave, RB and Hermosa is once again getting prepped for papa Greek’s invasion. Details are sketchy but will come soon and speaking of Sushi Duke, get there quickly to take advantage of $1 sushi and rolls for the month of December. For more info call 310.374.6929 or check out sushidukehb.com…

New Year’s Eve Treat: Impress you friends and show some Euro-flare this New Year’s Eve if entertaining at home with this recipe for “gluwine” the traditional holiday hot toddy of Germany – they actually sell it on the street like how we sell hot dogs and hot pretzels here in America – gotta love those krauts selling alcohol on the corner! To do it yourself take one bottle of red wine, (doesn’t matter the grape), one half bottle of water, quarter-half cup brown sugar, whole cinnamon sticks, dried orange peel, allspice, cloves, simmer slowly for one hour et voila! This is a great addition to any potluck party because there is no prep involved, it still counts as a “side” and you will be the talk of the town because very few people even know that this treat even exists. Enjoy being the king or queen of the cocktail and you don’t even have to footnote me. Call it your own and have a happy and safe new year…

Lou Giovannetti will be performing at the Hermosa Beach Pier Plaza New Year's Eve. (photo by Kevin Michael Schmitz)

Cant’t Find a Party: Come on short bus, catch up. There are parties all around. The main one on the Hermosa Pier will have my fellow paisan, New Yorker, Lou Giovanetti and his Big Band performing as the reincarnation of Mr. Frank Sinatra – seriously, close your eyes and you will think Ol’ Blue Eyes is right there in front of you. I remember back in the day when I used to play his 45 inch records along with Sammy Davis Junior singing “The Candy Man,” and the Italian tarantella, “Dominick the Donkey.” Just walk outside your house, get your pots and pans together and celebrate with your neighbors because who else is there? Enjoy the season, wish your neighbors well and go forth and rock the world. Life is change, growth is optional, choose wisely…

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