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Best chiropractor: Dr. Derek Levy

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Dr. Derek Levy in his Hermosa Beach office. Photo by Kevin Cody

Dr. Derek Levy in his Hermosa Beach office. Photo by Kevin Cody

Derek Levy is celebrating his 30th year as the cheerful chiropractor who still makes house calls, earning our readers’ trust by straightening out their spinal kinks and helping them achieve overall health.

When Levy works on a spine, he’s also healing nerves and muscles. When a person’s bones are put into place, the nerves are no longer pinched, and the muscles can relax, rather than straining against the out-of-position bones. Levy said with the bones back in place, the body heals itself.

He said he makes house calls when patients can’t get up and out of their doors.

“That’s the business I’m in. I got in it to help people,” he said.

The beach volleyball player and one-time competitive surfer grew up in the beach cities, where his fledgling practice took off through burgeoning referrals.

Although he treats people injured in auto accidents and surfers who get “bounced off the bottom,” Levy said most of his patients are kinked up from stress and the physical toll of sedentary jobs.

950 Aviation Blvd., Hermosa Beach, 310-379-0503, drlevy.vpweb.com

Runner-up: Dr. Homan Dibagohar, Premiere Chiropractic & Sports Medicine, 403 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach, 310-798-8777, drpremiere.com


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