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Best Local Underage Band

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Crime Scene

Best of the Beach logoCrime Scene consists of multi-talented musicians ranging in age from 10 to 12. This eclectic group of young kids came together with one common goal, which is to rock out. On the local music scene since the fall of last year, Crime Scene plays at clubs, festivals, and parties.

Local Offers

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Jane Fishman (age 12) plays keyboards and sings; Jeremy Adler (age 11) also sings and plays keyboards; Samantha “Slam” de Gyarfas (age 10) has a rockin’ stage presence, does mad vocals, and has keyboard skills; Max Rohde (age 11) lays down funky bass lines on his silver metallic bass; Justin Lin (age 10) is the group’s drummer; and Ben Hara (age 12), performs virtuosic guitar solos.

More on Crime Scene by contacting Coast Music Conservatory at (310) 372-4753.

Runner up: Side Effects. 


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