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Murad Inclusive Health CenterBest of the Beach logoReaders agree that a massage should be about more than just relaxation. It should be about a whole-body approach, which is why they voted Murad Inclusive Health Center in El Segundo as the best place to get their knots worked out in the South Bay. Therapists who undergo continual education customize Swedish and deep tissue massages to each client by first finding out about their lives, stress levels, nutritional habits and more.

“Everything we do is from an inclusive health approach,” said Murad representative Jennifer Newton. “Whether you’re getting a massage or a facial, what’s going on inside your body and inside your head is important.”

The center’s founder, Dr. Howard Murad, uses a three prong approach to all services offered, which includes topical treatments, internal care and emotional self-care.

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“It’s not common to be asked what you’re eating when you go to get a massage,” Newton said. “But we look at the body as a whole package.”

Murad Inclusive Health Center: 2121 Rosecrans Ave., El Segundo. 310-726-0470. www.murad.com

Runner-up: Abbracci Medical Spa and Boutique. 1717 S. Catalina Ave., RB. 310-375-0717.


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