Paisanos: Best of the Beach 2018 Pizza

Employees Carlos Sanchez and Gracie Morissette with a freshly baked Italian meat lovers pie. Photo

Paisano’s Pizza can provide a filling midday meal or a rallying point at the end of a long night. No matter what time or mood you enter, an authentically New York experience awaits. Posters of the New York Dolls and Frank Sinatra’s mugshot deck the walls. A gangster movie is likely unfolding on the television screen. And a slice of New York-style pizza, thin and eminently foldable, awaits.

Server Gracie Morissette has been working at Paisanos for seven years. She had just finished a 25-day “cleanse” last week, and the first thing she ate was a slice of Paisanos. “That’s my prize. I wouldn’t be working here if I didn’t think the pizza was great.”


1132 Hermosa Ave.

Hermosa Beach

(310) 376-9883


Runner-up: Beach Pizza

3301 Highland Ave., Manhattan Beach

(310) 546-5401


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