Best of the Beach 2022: Personal Trainer, Martial Arts, Neighborhood Gym

After rebuilding his own body, Lou Sidella embarked on helping others rebuild theirs. Easy Reader file photo

Best Personal Trainer

Lou Sidella

Body One Fitness

201 Herondo St. #100


Lou Sidella knows what it takes to help people transform their bodies as they push through obstacles, stay motivated, visualize success and expand their capabilities, because he’s done that for himself.

Sidella had spent most of his life uncomfortable with his weight. He was picked on for it, and as an adult he once split his pants bending to pick something up off the ground. Pushing 30, weighing 240 pounds with 27.5 percent body fat, unhappy with his appearance and his job as well, enough was enough.

He became a certified trainer to learn how to train himself.

In nine months he lost 40 pounds and dropped his body fat to 16.5 percent. Then he entered a 12-week before and after contest, and eight weeks in, co-workers began asking him to train them.

Soon, Body One Fitness was founded.

Today Sidella still maintains his contest results – 182 pounds and 8 percent fat.

Turning his attention to others, Body One Fitness offers a High Volume Class combining weight training movements, plyometric and core exercises and a daily cardio challenge, utilizing barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, slamballs, plyo boxes, row machines, jump ropes and the Rogue Echo bike, along with body weight set to various times and reps. Each day presents a different workout and a different challenge. All fitness levels are welcome.

201 Herondo St. #100

Redondo Beach

(310) 379-5425

No runner up


Martial Arts

Gracie Barra

A legacy deep in the roots of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu guides the renowned Gracie Barra Schools. Their instructors provide an exciting way to get fit, teach effective techniques of self-defense, and pass on the beauty of this mind-body art in a family friendly atmosphere.

The approach used by the 700 Gracie Barra schools worldwide is expressed in the mission statement by Jiu Jitsu master Carlos Gracie Jr.:

Gracie Barra adheres to a standardized curriculum and class structure, providing structure and consistency as devoted instructors help students become part of a Jiu Jitsu community, and absorb principles that bring balance to their lives and help them realize their own potential.

Grace Barra

5147 Calle Mayor


(424) 409-6755



Dream U.S. Tae Kwon Do

20104 Anza Ave.


(310) 316-7130


Best Neighborhood Gym

Beach Life Fitness Boutique

Our readers gave their nod to Beach Life Fitness Boutique for friendly, knowledgeable and skilled trainers who excel in suiting the degree of difficulty to the client.

The boutique’s offerings include:

A contemporary style Pilates Reformer class to improve posture and strengthen and lengthen the muscles.

A baby-friendly prenatal and postpartum Core Mom class to help pregnant women and new mothers prepare and recover from birth, combining functional movements with pelvic floor and core exercises.

A Teen Fitness Class for athletes and non-athletes ages 12 to 17, teaching how to lift weights and perform exercises with proper technique.

“Build-a-Booty” for strength and definition in the rear end, legs and abs.

Jumpsport mini-trampoline workouts combining cardio with strength training, and

Intermittent pop-up classes from yoga to burlesque.

Other services include localized cryotherapy, infrared hot stone jade bed sessions, stretch therapy, dance lessons, sound baths and guided meditation.

312 S Catalina Ave. Suite E

Redondo Beach

(310) 779-8641



Body One Fitness

201 Herondo St. #100

Redondo Beach

(310) 379-5425



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