Best Pilates studio: White House Pilates

Pilates for your bodies!

For the third year in a row, our readers voted White House their favorite place to practice the flowing, centered, breath-oriented exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates.

White House boasts instructors that teach other Pilates instructors, and White House guests rave about the notably small class sizes and attractive studio spaces.

White House founder Caroline Londergan introduced Pilates to the nation’s actual White House, U.S. Secret Service, and Washington D.C. SWAT Team, before opening her beach cities studios, beginning in 2009.

Londergan studies under Lolita San Miguel, the only remaining “descendent” to receive a Pilates Certificate directly from Joseph Pilates. Londergan also is a certified yoga instructor and former dancer.

When Pilates was first developed, lessons were mostly private. With that in mind, the White House’s class sizes of as few as four guests allow instructors to address the individual needs of individual bodies.

Balance is key. For instance, Pilates makes strong people more flexible, and flexible people stronger. Pilates places great emphasis on body awareness, alignment and often-neglected muscle groups.

“Pilates is like cross training for life. Anything you do, Pilates will make you do it better,” Londergan said.

“Pilates can meet you on any fitness level, from the couch potato to the triathlete,” she said. -RF

800 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Suite 100, Manhattan Beach; 1332 Hermosa Ave, Suite 4, Hermosa Beach; 300 S. Pacific Coast Highway #203, Redondo Beach. 310-940-5593,

Runner-up: Blue Water Pilates, 3625 N. Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach, 310-545-2969,


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