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California vs. Europe: How do gambling laws compare?

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California’s gambling laws may be more relaxed than many other states in the US, but how do they compare to the gambling laws and regulations of European countries? Read on to find out.

Are casinos allowed in California?

 The only casinos permitted to operate in the golden state are tribal ones. California’s tribal casinos typically offer games like poker, blackjack, keno, bingo, slots, and video poker. Card rooms are also allowed in California. These establishments differ from casinos because players bet against one another rather than betting against the house. There are 65 tribal casinos and 94 card rooms or gaming establishments currently operating in California.

 Is online gambling legal in California?

 Not all states in the US allow playing table games, slot games, and jackpot games at an online casino. However, online gambling is legal in California. Indeed, there are no laws to prohibit or regulate any type of online gambling. So, you can play any casino game you like, including ones you will not be able to find at bricks-and-mortar Californian casinos. The only gambling law in California that relates to online gambling is the age limit. You must be 21-years-old to gamble online.

What about California’s other gambling laws?

 Sports betting is legal in California, but accepting wagers on sports or bookmaking is illegal. However, 18 Native American tribes in California are petitioning for a statewide ballot that would enable sports betting at tribal casinos and horse racing tracks. So, gambling laws in California could be about to change soon. 

 When it comes to horse racing, only pari-mutuel betting is allowed. That means players’ bets are put together in a pool. After the track fees and taxes are deducted, the pool is divided between the winners. Dog racing is illegal in California.

 The state lottery is another form of legal gambling available in California. It provides a variety of games, like Mega Millions and SuperLotto.

 An Overview of Europe’s Gambling Laws

 Generally speaking, Europe’s gambling laws are much more relaxed than California’s. But Europe is a big place. It consists of 44 countries, and each one has its own laws and regulations concerning gambling. There is no legislation or regulation that standardizes betting and gaming for all of Europe. 

 Every year, visitors from around the world travel to exotic gambling locations like Monaco and the French Riviera, as well as lesser-known gambling paradises like Poland and Croatia. There are also a wide range of casinos online which serve various jurisdictions. Indeed, the continent of Europe is the ideal destination for keen gamblers. Here is a look at the gambling laws for three of Europe’s most prominent countries.

 France’s Gambling Laws

 A broad range of gambling forms is legal in France, including lotteries, horse racing, and casino games. There are currently around 200 casinos throughout France. Online gambling has been legal in the country since a new legislative bill was introduced in 2010. That allowed three forms of online gambling: poker, horse racing, and sports betting. The latter includes pool betting, fixed-odds betting, and live betting.

Germany’s Gambling Laws 

 Germany’s gambling laws, especially around online gambling, are somewhat complex. And they have changed several times in recent years. You can play online lotteries and place bets on sports and racing, but online slot games are illegal. However, traditional land-based casinos are pretty much entirely legal throughout Germany. There are over 9,000 gambling establishments, including 60 casinos over 14 states. You can also partake in lotteries and totalized sports betting at private bookmakers, newsstands, and tobacco stores.

 Italy’s Gambling Laws

 Italy was ahead of other European countries in permitting sports betting and online gambling. And in 2006, Italy introduced legislation to provide sports betting services over the internet and in retail locations. Amendments to the law were made in 2011, which allow licensees to provide casino and poker games as well. As a result, Italians have a wide selection of licensed sites where they can enjoy a broad range of gambling activities. Although there are only four casinos in the country, there are a total of 36 gambling establishments throughout 15 Italian cities, such as sports-betting parlors. The biggest and best destination for gambling is Milan. It has ten gambling establishments with a variety of casino games. You can also play various lotteries anywhere in Italy.
















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