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Endless Session, Day 322: Forced into Stillness

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Photo by Kathy Welch on day 322

Photo by Kathy Welch on day 322

by Morgan Sliff

All day it felt like gravity was trying to pull my shoulder out of its socket.  I’m glad that it’s a sprain and not a tear, but man, this kinda sucks.  And trying to do everything left-handed?  Well, let’s just say my house is getting quite messy.

The news yesterday was the best I could have hoped for, but instead I spent the whole day moping.  I was pretty much confined to my house, can’t drive, can’t surf when or where I want, and have to rely on others for help in and out of the water.  I suck when it comes to injuries and refuse to rest, but this one is the worst I’ve had in years, and I can’t cheat the recovery process with duct tape and glue over a sliced toe or limping my way through pain from gashes or gnarly bruises.  This one is quite literally forcing me into stillness because it hurts to even walk, and while netflix used to be a cheery once-in-a-while form of entertainment, I’m starting to disdain it because that, reading, and playing on my phone is what I’m limited to.

The whole day really sucked until about 7 p.m.  I slept through the morning, then spent the rest of the day in a pile of laundry and my own emotions trying to process how I was going to be able to handle lack of movement over the next month.  If my mom and Tom had not come over, I might’ve not been able to drag myself to the beach.  But when we got in the chilly water and my stepdad pushed me into a few small waves, everything was better, and I had a huge smile on my face, walking up the beach saying, “That was awesome.”

Photo by Kathy Welch on Day 322

Photo by Kathy Welch on Day 322


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